Aug 10, 2014

My First Drawing Workshop!

Last month I had my first drawing workshop with Workshop Kittykitz. It was my very first time having people in MY OWN class... Gosh, it felt beyond amazing to share lots of thoughts with people who have the same interests. Special thanks to Kak Kitty, the one who asked me to have my own class in her workshop. Workshop Kittykitz have lots of workshops, not only drawing, you can see the schedules in the website. 

About my class, I shared some basic knowledge in drawing and turning them into digital sketches. A little bit of this and that, including the basic of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. At the end of the class, I shared how to do the coloring and showed the differences of using mouse and wacom on the drawing result. The class should have been finished by 6, but we dragged the time to 6.45 pm.. I think I need to improve the lessons, so everything will be more effective. 

Thank you to everyone who joined my workshop!! Can't believe that the seats are full, there's even a waiting list for the class. Anyway, I'll be having the 2nd class (advanced) by Aug 16th. You can still book your seats through the website. And alsoooo, the basic class will be opened again on Aug 31st! For more information just go to Workshop Kittykitz website. I hope to see you there! :)

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