Jul 6, 2014


My former colleagues! #agencylife (From left to right: Nathan the copywriter, mbak Nova the account service team, mbak Hanny the creative director). Look how fun agency people outfits are.

Nathan - the always stylish one.

With the gorgeous Dian Pelangi, she was wearing one of the dresses from her upcoming collection. The dress is really pretty!

With Ayasha, my junior in high school. She's getting even more pretty now and I'm wishing her all the best as she will deliver her baby next month :)

Addiction - ミルクバナナ ! 

My new fave shoes from Selittoes, they're sooo comfortable.

Sweatshirt couple :p

No filter and no camera 360 app was used in my selfie pictures above hahaha.
Got my big curls (I used Phillips curling iron - lovin it!)

  • Had a quick visit to Ogilvy, good people with creative minds are always lovely.
  • Finally I did my first fasting this month on last Thursday. I don't know why but I feel really happy and excited for this year's Ramadhan. Bismillah :)
  • Went for an early dinner at Genki Sushi with Dian Pelangi. It's always lovely to meet this humble girl and her hubby. 
  • Desperately need some new books to read as I started to stare at my phone screen for countless minutes of nothing (read: social media junkie). Finally I got 3 new books, 2 of them are about financial planning and the other one is about socialpreneur. Books always make me happy!
  • Went for break fasting at Fish & Co with R. I loooove Fish & Co :)
  • Tried the infamous Panna Cotta Etc (Rp 30K/cup). I had the tiramisu flavor, it came with a tiny cup of coffee sauce. I was surprised that the portion is kinda small hehehe. But I gotta say that it was the best panna cotta I've ever tried. It tasted so good and the texture was thick, perfect. The coffee sauce was finger lickin good (I literally used my fingers to get the last drop of the sauce). So good, I want moooore!
  • My drawing workshop is coming in a week, I'm really excited to meet you! The seats are fully booked within a few days after the announcement, I'm so surprised. Thank you sooo much for joining my workshop! :)
Anyhow, there's always an unpleasant thing besides the great thing. I had a terrible experience with a local shoe brand, lets just call it DS (they're not a newbie and pretty well known in the online shop industry). I bought their shoes at an Indonesia Creative Week exhibition last month. I already paid it and they asked me to wait for a week as I was asking for a custom size (biggie foot 41). After a week, I had no updates from them. I asked for my shoes and they told me that my shoes will be ready on Wednesday (10 days after the transaction). They broke their promise and I was pretty disappointed. On the 3rd week, my shoes wasn't came yet so I asked them again, they told me that my shoes was shipped already. They said sorry with an excuse (the owner was sick - don't know whether its true or not, Sorry for my negative thought - but really?). Funny how they don't give any updates about the transaction unless I asked them on the first place. Finally my shoes came but it was too small. How disappointing isn't it, you've been waiting for your shoes for some time (please highlight the delay) and when the shoes finally came, they're a size too small? I asked them to make the size 41, my shoes came with no sizing marks and it felt exactly like the one I tried at the exhibition (size 40). 

I asked for an exchange, they agreed and I shipped back the shoes. Another highlight, they replied the text in a super slow speed and delayed. After another week, I asked them AGAIN and they told me that my shoes was already shipped. My shoes came on the next day and I WAS TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED I FEEL LIKE FLIPPING THE TABLES IN FRONT OF MEEEEEE. It has no size marks, so I don't know whether they sent me the right size or not because now the shoes IS TOO BIG. One centimeter too big. Gosh. The shape of the shoes is also not pleasing the eyes, it looks like men's loafer, not slim and sleek, I hate it. I tried to be patient for the whole time, but not now. I sent them my disappointment and they only replied me "Its the one you ordered, the shape is different with the black and white (a reference shoes)". They didn't mention anything about the size or at least say sorry for being so rude to a customer. I am so pissed. 

As I also run an online business, so I know how to treat the customers well. Customers are not able to see the product and communicating via email or chat messages are should be replied the soonest as possible (4 hours is max, unless its midnight). I always try to treat my customers well, I reply their messages in the nicest and professional manner as possible. When I know that the items will be shipped a bit late, I will let my customers know. I always let them know the shopping status, I try to make the transaction as clear as possible. How can the customer believe in you if you treat them like a jackass?

Hhhhh..... Ok enough for being so mad. Until tomorrow, sweethearts! 


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