Jul 27, 2014

DIY Wrapping Idea (Using Whatever You Can Find at Home!

Eid is coming very soon, in less than 2 days! I'm so excited for Eid and all the traditions. My family usually start the day by going to a 'big' mosque, then go back home and prepare everything for the family gathering. On the second day, we usually go to our relatives in some places. Thank God the traffic is usually much more friendly during Eid, so we can reach far places with no fuss. Speaking about traditions, one thing I love the most is the food! Rendang, sayur ketupat, opor ayam, and the mini cakes, oh they're just too scrumptious to be talked about now. When visiting the relatives, we usually bring some hampers (mostly cookies). On the upcoming Eid, I want to make the hampers more special with my DIY wrapping! :)

First, you gotta have the cookies. I got Bonchee Baked Treats oatmeal cookies and Putri Salju. The oatmeal cookies looks so yummyyyy. (I'm still doing my fasting when I write this post......). My friend is the owner of Bonchee, so I knew how she made the cookies with best ingredients and of course love and happiness! Head over this page if you want to have a bite of Bonchee.

Second, find anything you can use for the wrapping. White sheet, paper straw, markers, glue, brown paper, double tapes, scissor, tulle, anything. Collect them all together and start wrapping the cookies.


For the second wrapping idea, I'm using brown paper, a white string, and a sharpie. Draw a pattern on the brown paper using the Sharpie (or any other markers), I drew my favorite pattern of all: POLKA DOTS! Then wrap the round jar with the brown paper and tie a simple knot with the white string.



Happy Eif al-Fitr everyone, happy holiday!

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