Jul 27, 2014

Creative Block

So I'm currently doing an illustration project. It's quite big, a collaboration with a friend. I can't tell you much, but the thing is I gotta make a lot of illustrations. The deadline should be by the end of July, which is now. But if you ask me how's the progress so far, its 50%. I'm stressed out. Why? Because now I'm in a creative block. I've been having this creative block since 3 weeks ago. Gosh, I'm so stressed out. I'm desperate to finish the illustrations the soonest as possible, but I can't start any of them because I'm on a creative block. I can't see my imaginations and colors in my head like I usually do. This is bad. I feel that everything I draw is far from my standard. None of them looks good, I just hate to see my creations :'(

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