Jul 5, 2014

Candy Bag

I've been always carrying big bags since I don't know when forever. I think my big bag taste came from my Mom, she loves large bags too. Name it, slouchy, structured, satchel, drawstring, bowling, etc etc, everything must be in the large size. Why? Because I have lots of things to bring everywhere I go. Notebooks (I have 2 small notebooks), iPhone + charger + power bank, purse (you know woman's typical long purse, right?), makeup (not a junkie, but I need to bring the staple ones), perfume, sometimes my Macbook + the super heavy charger. I understand that when we carry big bags, we tend to bring more things in the bag. Small bags were not my thing until a few months ago I had this major back ache. I couldn't bring big bags like I used to, so I started unboxing my small sling bags. I learnt about efficiency in carrying things. My long purse is no longer in use, I switched into a small pouch, where I put my cash, cards and ID. Now I only bring one notebook and one pen or Sharpie. I try to make notes on my iPhone whenever I'm on the go, then I put them on paper when I'm on my desk. In my makeup pouch, there are Clean n Clear face paper, Nivea lip balm (I love the Cherry!) and two lipsticks (Revlon nude lipstick 065 and Make Up For Ever dark wine red lipstick) and travel size hand cream. The rest are only small perfume and keys. Less, less, and less things. 

Since I can break my big-bag-only mindset, I'm looking for cute sling bags. I found this neon pink sling bag at H&M last week. Gosh, cute things are popping out everywhere when you have no intention to shop! When I saw this bag at the display, I'm imagining my self pairing this candy bag with monochrome from head to toe. The color is just soooo me! ^.^

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