Jun 29, 2014

Time Machine

One day, R and me decided to go to our campus, Universitas Indonesia (UI), to have some lunch and spend the afternoon by the lake. I miss my college days quite much, life seems much much easier back in those days ahahaha. I remember I used to go early to campus even though I have an afternoon class. I spent most of my times at the library (at that time was MBRC) or Takor (the canteen at FISIP). My fave meal at Takor is Nasi Alo, still until now. Its just rice topped with scrambled egg and shredded chicken, a pretty decent meal for a college student hahaha. Then after we finished our lunch, we went to Crystal of Knowledge, its the new central library of Universitas Indonesia. When I was still a student of UI, the central library was far from my faculty building and it was pretty old and lame, totally not my preference place to study. Crystal of Knowledge was opened hmmm around 2 years after I graduated, I'm sooo jealous with this library. It has everything a student need. Well, the wifi was pretty lame hahaha but the other facilities were really cool. The building architecture is really awesome, it has 4 floors, more than 3 millions of books, computer lab full of iMac (previously it was only PCs.. Viva iMac!), gym, cafe, starbucks, book store, bank, and most importantly the library is right next to the lake. So imagine spending an afternoon by reading a book beside the lake. Now I feel like going back to uni hahaha.

I was wearing my fave Cotton Ink cut out shoulder tshirt, Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans,
Daniel Wellington classic St. Andrews watch, Juju black babe, and Curious tote bag

The back side of Crystal of Knowledge

Where I spent my afternoon, by the lake, before it was raining.

Sometimes I'm surprised by the quality of iPhone pictures, look how crisp the picture above. I added a detachable lens (Olloclip) and I was using the wide lens. I set the HDR mode on to keep the clarity.

For this one I was using the macro lens. Please bear some fish eye and macro pictures in the upcoming posts as I am soooo happy to have an Olloclip :D

My #coffeecupseries

Since the rain was pretty heavy so we waited at Starbucks and had a long chit chat. In the picture above, behind me was a group of Korean students. There are a lot of exchange students in UI, mostly are Korean. At a moment, I feel like somewhere in Seoul hahaha. A combination of a cup of hot cappuccino and rain always remind me of my Korea trip moments :)

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