Jun 10, 2014

Solid Black

My cousin is currently in Jakarta (she lives in Stockholm, you can imagine my envious level), so last Saturday we had lunch together at Bakerzin, Plaza Senayan - one of my favorite place for brunch. Have you seen their new menu? So after their renovation a few months ago, they came with a new menu which is full of mouth watering pictures. Gosh.. It took me a while to finally order a meal. I'm so driven by visual hahaha.

Had a meeting early in the morning, this is what happened when a Sharpie met a coffee paper cup.

I love the pattern!

On the evening I went to Gandaria City with R and had a peek at Indonesia Creative Week. Met Yessy from Fashionistas and shopped a little (can't hold my self for a patent brogues). I was wearing black, as usual.. I didn't realize that I was accidentally (almost) wearing H&M from head to toe hahaha. How was your weekend? Have you got a copy of my Taylor Swift Style Essentials book? Let me know which section is your favorite! :)

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