Jun 2, 2014

My Book - Taylor Swift Style Essentials!

You might heard about this project since a few weeks ago, but I just had a time to make a blog post about it! SOOO YEAAAH! *explosion of happiness*

You can read a short story behind this book in my previous post. Major thanks to Gramedia team, mbak Chris, mbak Esti and Anidos the editor. Its still hard to believe that I actually had my name written on the cover! Never in my life I imagine something really amazing like this. Thank you for believe in me! :)

So my Taylor Swift Style Essentials will tell you everything about Taylor Swift's style! From her daily look, red carpet look, and music video style. Not only pictures, I also illustrated some of Taylor Swift style ideas and stuffs. The language I'm using in the book is a mix of English and bahasa Indonesia. I was about to write it all in English just like how I write my blog, but the book readers are Indonesian so I need to adjust. Its a coffee table kind of book, short, simple, yet entertaining. I wrote, illustrated, and did the layout design all by my self. The writings you'll see in the book are my handwritings. So this book is really special to me, hopefully for you too! Now grab a copy, will youuu? My book is available at all Gramedia book stores and here!

Here's some pictures from my book launch talk show at Taylor Swift fans gathering last Sunday, May 25th, at Mezzo Kuningan City. The whole event was very fun. Congrats for the team who made such a great event!

Met Lulut at the event!

*cough cough* Signing my book :D

My ultra happy face ^.^

Photo by Metrox (Thanks to Lulut!)

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