Jun 14, 2014

Let's Draw Your OOTD (A Drawing Workshop with Me!)

I've been asked lots of questions about my illustrations, like how I did it, manually or digitally, photoshop or illustrators, using mouse or wacom, etc etc. Kak Kitty - who is a creatively amazing person I met at Gudily's workshop last year - offered me to have my own workshop (gasp!). I think this is a great chance to answer all of your questions not only in theory, but technically! So my drawing workshop will be focused on drawing your outfit (because outfit/fashion is my favorite thing!). The workshop is divided into 2 classes, the first one is basic and the second one is more advanced in terms of coloring, details can be read below. All you need to bring is your own laptop, installed with Photoshop, and a Wacom would be a great match. Don't worry if you don't have a Wacom, a mouse can do great things as well. 

Both workshop is at Sinou Cafe (Panglima Polim, Jakarta). The first class is exactly next month, if you want to join please do sign up here. The seats are limited, so make sure to book one at the soonest. I'm so excited to meet you! :)


  1. Kak dinda berminat buat workshop di Bandung gak?
    pasti banyak peminatnyaaa (termasuk saya) hihi

    1. Aku sih maauuuu asal ada tempatnya, kamu mau bantuin? Hahaha


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