Jun 3, 2014

I Call It Magic When I'm Next to You

Last Sunday I went on a date with R to..... North Jakarta! Going to Pantai Indah Kapuk was such a journey for us as it is quite far from our homes in South Jakarta. Actually we were about to go to EX because I want to see Clara, but our hearts refused to go to mall so we took the toll and headed off to Pantai Indah Kapuk area. We got lost a bit at Pluit (we should've went out the toll in Kapuk instead of Pluit) but then we took the right route (thanks to Google Maps!) and finally arrived at the restaurants area in Pantai Indah Kapuk, where the famous Hong Tang is located. It was not crowded when we arrived (around 5 pm), we got to park the car quite easy. We chose Locale 24 because it was the most eye catching one, turquoise mint = my color. We ordered a platter of appetizers because we had a late lunch before. The platter was delicious, so did the chocolate milkshake! I love the place because it wasn't loud and crowded, the music playlist was good and of course delicious meal. I'd love to come back to this area again and try the other restaurants/cafés!

I love my new tshirt!

My weirdo oompa loompa sunnies which I really love, from Forever 21.

We stopped at Lotte Shopping Avenue on on our way back home because R wanted to shop for some apparels in Uniqlo and that was when I met CONY! Kawaii desu ne! 


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