Jun 14, 2014

Frankie #59

I don't remember when was the first time I know Frankie. I think it was all happening in 2010, where most of my browsing time was spent looking at Etsy and some Australian bloggers. At that time I was so much in love with Australian bloggers and digital communities. They have 'that' magic to steal my attention with all the pastel tone and low contrasted pictures. Then something linked me to Frankie's website. I tried to find a copy in Jakarta but it was really hard. Then I emailed them asking for a copy, apparently Periplus is one of their distributor in Jakarta. I was really happy when I got the magazine! I never feel so attached with a magazine like this. Well, I'm a magazine freak, but trust me, Frankie is different. I just love this magazine so much. *Yet so sad that the price is getting even more expensive in Jakarta* I even have this imagination about living a dream life with surroundings just like those I saw in the magazine hahaha.

Here, take a peek of their 59th issue!


  1. Ah I also love Frankie tapi harganya mahal banget T___T



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