Jun 13, 2014

5 DIY Ideas to Try This Weekend

I'm soooo over with rains for the past few days. Even though the sun is extremely hot, but I just need those days where I can walk around without the fear of getting wet (I don't really like the idea of bringing umbrella in my bag). These DIY ideas are so summery and tropical, just how I want my days like. They're pretty fun to try this weekend!

Fruity cupcake by Oh Joy!

Heart pillow by Design Love Fest

Tropical clutch by PS I Made This
Pineapple cushion by i spy DIY

Brush strokes nail art by i spy DIY

I personally would love to try the nail art and tropical clutch this weekend. They're seem so fun and easy. How about you, which one would you like to try? Happy weekend, lovely ones!

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