May 12, 2014

Wedding Hoppers

I spent my last weekend finishing some illustrations and went to 2 wedding parties. Actually I planned to go for a picnic with my office mates from Soho on Saturday, but one of them was sick so we rescheduled the picnic until next week. Hopefully we could go soon!

Anyway, I went to two wedding parties, on the afternoon and evening (both on Sunday). It was quite tiring actually..... but I like wedding parties! Its the time where you can see everyone dressing up so well and looking good. I also love to see the wedding decorations and flowers hehe. So, my dad is a friend with Om Rendy - whom son got married yesterday. I didn't know his son, but since Om Rendy is an old friend of my Dad, so as a good daughter I accompanied my Dad to the wedding. The wedding decoration was soooo pretty! Its not that classy shabby chic with laces, sparkles and massive amount of flowers. Its more crafty and traditional, I love it so much! When we arrived there, I was surprised that my relatives from Dad were also there and wearing the family uniforms. Turned out that the bride is still my family relatives hahaha what a small world. Some of my friends were also there, so it was a small world, really. Congrats to Dika & Kara, may you both live happily ever after :)

This is so beautiful, look at those tiles and printed plates!

As I said, wedding parties are where people dressing up so well and looking good, I spotted so many beautiful outfits. Here I managed to draw a little based on my memory, a blouse with sheer sleeve and a kebaya kutu baru.

I have many wedding invitations for the upcoming months, but I feel like I'm out of dresses to wear. Gotta make some dresses urgently!


  1. Aaah makasih inspirasi nya kaa.. aku jg lagi cari2 model kebaya simple untuk wisuda dan kebaya kutu baru keliatannya menarik! :D

    1. Aku juga suka kutu baru! Coba bikin kutu baru dgn motif yang gak biasa, kayak vintage florals. Pasti bagus banget :)

  2. such a wonderful dresses :)
    I really adore your artworks ^^
    so inspiring

  3. Hi, Dinda, do you open kebaya designing project?
    Because, one of your picture above was taken by some people..

  4. Mbak yaampun kenapa aku baru kepoin mbak sekarang sih

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