May 22, 2014

Talking About Getting Inspirations and Being Inspired

A few months ago, I had a quick twitter chitchat with Negmus for their weekly inspiration interview called #YouAreTheInfluence. You can read the interview tweets in Bahasa through this link while below is the translation.

Negmus: Hello Dinda, how are you tonight?
Me: Good! My house is flooded but others are fine.

Negmus: We are keen to know how do you maintain on being productive everyday?
Me: Basically I like to keep my self busy, I feel dizzy and frustrated when I have nothing to do. But I have three things to keep me productive.
1. I set a working hour as my daily routine. Even though I work from home, but working hour is really important. Don't work in your bedroom, even worse in your sleeping attire. The mood is different.
2. Make to a do list, so you know which one to be the first priorities.
3. Make time for your self to breathe, browse for inspirations, talk with your friends or as simple as work outside. I like to be in a coffee shop that's not really crowded. You need to help your self to stay out of boredom. Sometimes taking time for my self is really hard. I can't allow myself to have a rest if a work is not finished yet. 

Negmus: How do you convince yourself that your current career is the right one? Any dilema?
Me: I my self is very sure of what I want, the hardest thing is to convince my parents that I want to follow my passion. At the first, my parents is not convinced enough with my decision to run my clothing line Curious and being an illustrator. This is why during my 3 years of working in an agency, I keep on changing divisions. It always feels not right because it wasn't my passion. Soon after I got full support from my parents, I became very sure with this path. Speaking about dilema, it is always there.

Negmus: As an illustrator, where did you get the inspirations from?
Me: My biggest inspirations are the nature and people's personality. The easiest thing to absorb those things are from Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. 

Negmus: What does fashion mean to you?
Me: Fashion is like the dressing on your food. Small bits that escalate the food presentation to the next level. The food itself is your style, a way to present your personality. So style is more important than fashion.

Negmus: What does make you happy?
Me: I get happy easily hehehe. One thing that surely makes me happy is to spend more time with family, friends and my self.

Negmus: This year we'll have an election, how do you think the youth should react?
Me: I see that youth are being apathetic with anything that related to politic. The sad fact is, this country will remain the same (or even worse!) if we are being apathetic. We need to take action as simple as participating in this year's election.

Negmus: If you can have your own country, what would it be like?
Me: I wanna have a country where smoking is strictly prohibited and the surroundings are just like those I saw in Frankie magazine. 

Negmus: Name one positive social value that you'd like to spread?
Me: Charity as a habit. There's no other thing that can beat the feeling of being relieved and happy after helping the others who need your help at the most.

Negmus: Thank you Dinda! Keep on the good work and being an inspiration.
Me: Amen, thank you Negmus! :)

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