May 15, 2014

Sunday at Fatahillah Museum

I'm so enough of malls, but just like other Jakartans, we don't have many choices to go in weekends. So in my attempt of spending less weekend in malls, me and bf went to Fatahillah museum. Actually this museum visit date has been in my bucket list (along with going to the top of Monas) since a long time ago. But my bf always refuses to go until a few weeks ago, finally! I took a lot of pictures during the museum visit because I want to make a decent blog post about it to promote my city, Jakarta. I realized that I've been to places abroad and made a lot of posts about them, but I never made any post about my beloved city, Jakarta. Shame on meeeee~

Fatahillah Museum (or Batavia Museum) is located at Kota, North Jakarta. This is one of the historical building exist in Jakarta until now. The museum was built in 1710 as the city hall of Jakarta. There are several museum around Fatahillah Museum, which are Wayang Museum and Ceramic Museum.

We arrived there at around 4 pm and it was packed, so crowded. The last time I went there was like 2 years ago, where it wasn't that crowded - so I could take pictures with nice colonial architecture background. Now people are everywhere, some are showcasing their artworks, tattoos, selling food and drinks, apparels, and even dinnerware. Its nice to see that Fatahillah museum gained the popularity back. But it will be much nicer if the street vendors have their own space, so we can walk around the museum casually. 

Who can resist this Rp 15.000 mug?

Fatahillah Museum just reopened in March 2014 after several months of renovation

Pos Indonesia office, right across Fatahillah Museum

Colorful bikes for rent, the last time I rented this bike was Rp 10.000 for one hour. 
You can stroll around Kota Tua (even to Sunda Kelapa harbour).

Matching hats come with the bike

The famous Cafe Batavia, worth a visit.
Did you know that Cafe Batavia is the 2nd oldest building in Central Jakarta after Fatahillah Museum?

I met these stylish kiddos, look at how they dress themselves! Totally hyped.

I walked to the back side of Pos Indonesia office 
and found this beautiful old building right across the street. 

Wayang and traditional doll key chains

Wearing unbranded cherry earrings (my current favorite accessory) and Zara glittery sweater

Street food galore!

If you want to go to Fatahillah Museum by public transportation, you can take Trans Jakarta (Corridor #1) towards Kota station. You can also take the Commuter Line (train) to Kota station. Then walk to the museum. Below are some extra tips if you plan to go there this weekend:

  • Wear something airy and light as the weather is pretty hot and it'll be so crowded (and makes it even hotter)
  • Small bags will be the perfect companion. As I said, its so crowded so you must keep your belongings safe.. Big bags (especially framed bags!) wouldn't be the perfect choice
  • Camera ready (time to snap some pictures with vintage background) 

See you on my next post!


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