May 17, 2014

My School Years and My Studying Hobby

I just wanna share you a story about my school years, I thought you wanna hear it hehe but if you don't like reading a long post, just scroll down to my other post.

Since I was a kid, my hobby is studying. I remember the first time I was able to read, I grab my mom's fashion magazine and asked her how to spell -ng (as in mengantuk). When I was in kindergarten, I skipped the TK A because my IQ was above the average kids in TK A level, so I went straight to the TK B. I graduated from my kindergarten with good grades, I got my first trophy as an excellent kid. Move on to my elementary school years, I was always in the top 3. I always wanted to study, I asked my mom to signed me into additional classes (though I was mastering the subjects but I always want more), I cried whenever my mom told me not to go to school when I was sick - I always want to go to school and study. I graduated from elementary school with excellent grades and got another smart kid trophy. Soon as I graduated, my mom was planning to put me in the same school as my big sister because it has a good reputation. But I wanted to go to this most favorite jr. high school and known for the intelligent kiddos, SMP 115. As the first grade students have their classes started on the midday so I told my mom I wanted to go to two schools, the one my mom desired and SMP 115. But nooo of course I didn't go to both, I won the debate with mom and went to my dream school, SMP 115.

Dream school didn't come in a package with dreamy days. I was mesmerized by everything, new friends, new school, new environment, everything. I was too amazed with my new world and got me dragged to the bottom 5 of the class on the 2nd year of jr. high school. My hobby was still studying, I never skipped class, but I was really struggling. Intelligent school is full of smart kiddos, so I was reallyyyyyy in a storm, a snow storm. Not only struggling with grades, I was bullied too. I went through a phase where I was too scared to go to the canteen (or even go out of the class) because I didn't want to see my seniors. Seniors were just too scary for me..... But I made it until those scary seniors were graduated. On my final year of jr. high school, I struggled my self to get better grades because I wanted to go to SMA 8 (another smarty and popular school). I made it and put my self on the top 10 in the class in the final year. 

Well, I didn't make it to SMA 8. I got my name sticking on the board for a few hours, but then I was thrown to my 2nd choice, SMA 28 - which was also an intelligent school but less popular than SMA 8. I had another long debate moments with my mom. She wanted me to go to SMA 26, because it was her high school and located near to my house. But I wanted to go to my dream school, which was SMA 28. My mom thought that I was so eager to go to SMA 28 because I had a boyfriend there. Which was not true, I was close with a boy from that school. He introduced me to SMA 28 and stuff, I was interested with the school - but not because of the boy ahaha (we ended up friends btw if you want to know, he was dating my best friend then). Long story short, I got in to SMA 28. A far far away school from my house but a high school that I was dreaming of. 

Don't you ever think that my high school years were full of joy and happiness. I was crying in tears, literallyyyy. I was stressed the moment after the classes started. It was crazy. We need to get at least 65 in all exams, unless we need to have a remedial (another exam to 'fix' our grades). My only favorite subject in my first year of high school was Biology. Learning biology feels like watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, I love it a lot! But I was really struggling with Math and Physics. Every time I had Math and Physics exams, I was always signed into the remedial class hahahaha. In high school, there were no days spent without reading the text book. Really, I'm not exaggerating. If tomorrow I have an exam, tonight I will record my self on my phone and woke up at 3.30am tomorrow to relearn everything. I will also listen to my own voice in the recordings on my way to the school. Study, study, study. Well, you can finish high school without being pressured too much, you can get 70 and pass all the exams. But 70 never made me satisfied. I need to get at least 80, I love to have good grades. I'm actually addicted in getting excellent grades. Perfection is all what I want, until now hehe. I tried to enjoy my high school days by joining the modern dance team, which made me happy. My high school friends are also the best friends I ever had. We are still in touch until now, because high school never ends! I finished my high school with another excellent grades.

When all my friends wanted to go to Universitas Indonesia, I didn't have the same interest. I wanted to go to Esmod or Lasalle. Nanyang was my biggest dream. But the reality didn't go along with my wish. So I signed up for SPMB, a test for getting in public colleges like Universitas Indonesia. I wanted to go for Communication or Korean literature majors. I took an additional class to prepare my self for the big test. I finished SPMB test and went for a quick holiday, just to get rid of all the pressures. One day, I was in a sleepover at my best friend's house with all my girl friends. We were staying together because it was the online announcement day of SPMB. By 12am, we browsed the web and put our test number in the form. Most of my friends passed the test and got in Universitas Indonesia with the desired majors. But I didn't, I failed. I was so sad and devastated. I felt like the most stupid girl on earth. You know, your friends were going in but you didn't. Universitas Indonesia has a diploma degree, so I tried my luck and took the test. This is when the stupidest (yet the best) thing happened. At the diploma test form collecting, I was in queue and a few people were ahead of me. I still didn't mark any major in my form hahaha. I was so crazy and would slap my self right now. I was so confused on what major should I take. It was my first biggest decision that I made my self. So I finally chose advertising. I took the test alone (because most of my friends were already accepted in UI) and long story short, I was accepted in advertising major of Universitas Indonesia. YAY!

My college life was full of joy! I think it's because I liked the subjects (and I no longer needed to force my self to learn Math and Physics). Some of the subjects were communication, photography, graphic design, and a lot of creative thinking, so I loved everything. The good days were there. My class were on midday to the afternoon. But I usually arrived at 10-11am in the morning and went to the library (that giant and cool library wasn't built yet, the library was the one in FISIP called MBRC). I usually read some books or magazines or tried to study for the afternoon exams. I love the quietness at the library. At that time, I didn't have my own laptop, I just love to spend my time in the corner and totally in my zone with books. Sometimes I woke up at 4 am to study and tried to memorize the communication theories, but it wasn't that struggle like I had in high school. You know, if you love something, it will be much easier for you to make learn and memorize everything. You don't even have to make an effort. If you love what you're learning, your brain will make the way to be friends with everything you want to learn and keep it there for good. My first GPA was 3.51, I was soooo happy. I couldn't believe that I reached such a good grade only on the first semester! The good grades motivated me to get better on the upcoming semesters, I promised my self to graduate as a cum laude. I enjoy everything in college, reallyyyy I would love to go back in college if I could. I love to learn, finish tasks, group discussion, ask questions to the lecturer, be present in the class, be on time, sit on the front row of the class, answer the lecturer's questions in class, everything. My GPA got higher from time to time, the highest one was 3.81. On the graduation day, I was honored as cum laude, Alhamdulillah. I'm so proud of my self. Not only that, I was so close with six girls, Sanya, Acel, Chacha, Lala, Oucha and Indah. We were all graduated as cum laude. I'm sooooo proud with my friends!!

Some people says that good grades stays in school and college. Well, that statement is somewhat true but I find that all the years spent in school and college were giving a character and personal skills. I realized that I'm such a perfectionist and goal oriented person. I know what I want and I always find ways to reach it. I'm 24 right now and I often find troubles and being stuck in decisions. But if I remember that I'm a hard worker since I was a kid, I knew I can do it. You can have it all, just not all at once.

Now I really want to go back to college, I feel like taking business majors. I'm looking for scholarship abroad, but at the same time I want to grow Curious and all my projects. I still don't know which way will take me to my life goal, but I knew that I would reach it one day :)

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