May 25, 2014

Quick Update - Taylor Swift Style Essentials

Seven months ago I quit my day job to follow my dreams, some of them are drawing and blogging. At that time, I also felt so bored and that I need to do something new in my life. So I quit and have my days as a freelance illustrator, blogger and entrepreneur. Being fully independent (financially) on your self is never easy, so I juggle between everything and trying to keep my balance. I started doing what I've been wanting to do in years, doing things that makes me happy. Never crossed my mind that one day Gramedia saw and interested in the way I write this blog (this is sounds so weird to be even said). Gramedia then contacted me and asked me to write a book about Taylor Swift's style. Do whatever you like, Gramedia said. I was like "WHAAAATTT??" *jaw drops*

My book is now available at all Gramedia book stores. Taylor Swift Style Essentials, a guide to get the Taylor Swift's look. Written, illustrated and designed by meeeee! It feels so surreal!!

Today, Sunday May 25th, I'll be having a chit chat about this book at Taylor Swift fan gathering, Mezzo Kuningan City at 2 pm. I would looooove to see you there!


  1. o em ji, amazing Kak ! Can't wait to own it

  2. mungkin kalo aku punya percetakan, aku jg bakalan mengkontakmu buat bikin buku Din :D


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