May 20, 2014

Bridezilla Party

Last Sunday me and my friends from high school throw a surprise party for our dearest friend, Antita. We 'kidnapped' her and remained silence until we arrived at the venue and surprisssee! She's getting married this 31st! Oh myyy how time flies so fast, I'm in the phase where lots of my friends are getting married and having the little ones. So me and Antita are friends since jr. high school, but we started being close friends in high school, until now :)

In 2006, Polo (or Pandu, Tita's bf) was a stranger who texted me asking for Tita's phone number. Well, actually Polo is a friend of my friend, so I gave him Tita's number and surprisingly they got together not long after and they are getting married very soon! You don't know how happy I am as a friend hahaha I'm sooooo happy for you both! Lovvvveee ♡

I made a simple invitation for my friends, along with the dress code guidance

and the karaoke partyyyy~

and an extra selfie for you..

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