Apr 11, 2014

Uptown Restaurant and Street Food in Phuket

On our last day in Phuket, we walked to the nearest restaurant called Uptown for lunch, recommended for cheap and delicious meals! Here is a useful link if you wanna go to Uptown.

Incredibly clear blue sky

That's the restaurant, across the street.

Om's meal

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Mine, pad thai!

I was actually looking for tom yam goong but they don't have it so I had pad thai (less than Rp 25.000). It was good but the portion is small.

We walked across the restaurant because I wanted to find the fruit hawker

And we found it!

When you're in Thailand, make sure you buy the mango. It is the crispiest and sour sweet and all those delicious word in a mango. Soooo gooood, I really love the local mango.

30 baht for one mango, so I bought two ^.^

We found this charcoal grilled chicken hawker not far from the fruit hawker. They sell chicken and fish (if I was not wrong, because I care nothing but the chicken). One chicken is 40 baht and it was huge. Actually it was just a grilled chicken, like we can find anywhere on the street in Jakarta. What makes it fun is that they use the skewer stick, which makes the chicken eating experience is even more delicious. Imagine biting that thick chicken, savory, sweet, crunchy and juicy all at once. Omagash so goood, I want more.

On our way back to the hostel, we bought shaved ice cream because it looks good. 
But I don't like it since it was too sweet, so bf had it all hehe

Whenever my cousin goes to Thailand, I always ask her to buy a pack of local tamarind (150 baht) for me. Because they are soooo gooood, sweet and chewy. I like it so much that I can eat half of the pack in just a few minutes hahaha


  1. I've been enjoying all of your post about Thai Trip, super post.
    there would be another post?

    1. Yaaay glad you like it! Yes I still have 1 one last post from this trip :)


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