Apr 7, 2014

Short Trip to Phi Phi Islands

Continuing the last post about Bangkok, here are some stories I have from Phuket. So we arrived early in the morning (around 6.30 am) after 12 hours bus ride from Bangkok. We were all happy happy happy to be in Phuket and took a public transportation which I don't know what does it called (it looks like an angkot in Indonesia) UNTIL my bf realized that he left his newly bought camera in the bus.

His face went all white and body went like a jello hahahaha I didn't meant to be mean, I can laugh because at the end he got his camera back. Long story short, we tried to call the bus customer service. Thank God I still keep the ticket in my pocket. Rule #1 don't throw anything out of your pocket until you arrive safely back at home, you might need that useless mini mart receipt! Anyhoooo back to the customer service phone call, bf tried to contact the bus office but they can only talk in Thai, so sad and disastrous. As we can do nothing but praying that the camera is still there, we decided to ask for help from our hostel (2W cafe & hostel). By the time we arrived at the hostel, bf talked to the guy in the front desk, he tried to make a call and another guy came in to the hostel and recommended my bf to go back to the bus station. There he went off to the station, me and the others were waiting in the common room and had a few minutes of beauty sleep. And yesss finally bf showed up at the hostel with his camera! *applause* *continued to sleep* Lol

Since we couldn't take a bath before the check in time, so I washed my face and changed clothes so I look more fresh after the long journey. PS, check in time in hostels are usually pretty late, around 2-3 pm. On lunch time we decided to go out and find some snacks before looking for Phi Phi island tour agent around the hostel. As I mentioned in my previous post that my brain was controlled by the food I saw on the street, so I stopped by this hawker who was selling these gorgeous skewers.

Look at that fat prawns. Look.

We found the tour agent near the hostel and booked our trip to Phi Phi islands (1200 baht/person). Morning pick up from hostel, speed boat, lunch are included in the package. After that we went to 7eleven to buy Thai iced tea. I never liked Thai iced tea before, because I think tea and milk were born in this world to be separated from one to another. They just don't go along together in a glass. I was wrong. My eyes and appetite were finally opened for this delicious Thai iced tea sold in 7eleven. Bf created a heavenly delicious drink by mixing 3/4 glass of Thai iced tea + 1/4 glass of Ovaltine. Dang! The best drink I had during the trip for only 23 baht. Sugar sugar sugar massive amount of sugar I don't care lol.

We were hungry so we decided to have early dinner. While looking for a place to eat, we saw this omgsodelicious fried chicken on the street - across the 7eleven. The fried chicken was soooo gooooodd I could have five at one time and it was only 20 baht per piece. How could you keep your eyes off those crunchy crispy skins?

Then we found this outdoor restaurant near to the fried chicken hawker (not too far from the hostel too!). We ordered one big pot of mix seafood tom yum goong and stir fry squid, I forgot how much it costed us but you shouldn't worry much because everything in Thailand is affordable. The tom yam goong was too salty that I added some water to neutralize it a bit. Other else were delicious, happy tummy yum yum. 

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On the evening, we took a tuk tuk and went to what we called Phuket Bay (which later we knew it was Saphan Hin park). Its like a park mix with jogging track with a beach view, imagine that. But since it was already dark so we couldn't do much (the mosquitos were cray cray crayzey) but walking along the sea side and walked back to the hostel.

Evening view

At the hostel we decided to play some cards (poker maybe idk). I can say that I only watched them playing since I don't like playing cards and I have no motivation to try playing it hehehe. We met Mi Young that night whose brother is May, the owner of 2W hostel

So this is the one day trip to Phi Phi island! The tour driver picked us from the hostel at 8 am and drove us to the bay. We waited for around one hour before the speed boat came and took us to the islands. First destination is the famous Maya Bay, the one in The Beach movie!

Group photo before the speed boat ride
Soon after the speed boat left the dock, we saw this beautiful view of Big Buddha!

After around one hour sleeping on the boat, I woke up with the most beautiful view! 
Maya Bay, omg so happy!

Maya Bay is so beautiful with all those different shades of blue on the sky and the water and also the white sand. But Maya Bay is soooo crowded too, its because everyone's first destination is Maya Bay. Look at the picture above, it seems like you can never have a good picture with less people in it, right? Wrong! Try to walk to the right of up near the cliff where there are less people. Super worth it.

Outfit of the day: H&M cropped tshirt / unbranded shorts, bag and sunnies I got in Khao San road

It wasn't that long until the tour guide called us to get back on the speed boat. We headed to an area for snorkeling. I thought the wave wasn't that hard, I decided not to wear the life jacket but then I was wrong. I couldn't float on the water hahahaha embarrassing. It was really fun to snorkel in this crystal clear water with all those fishes and corals and everything. SO BEAUTIFUL OH I NEED TO GO THERE AGAIN.

Unbelievable clear water

The tour guide said that we have 30-45 minutes to swim around and play with the fishes but he called us back and ready to move to the next stop in like 20 minutes only. I don't know whether time flew that fast or was he cut the snorkel time. Only God knows..

I fell asleep on our way to the next stop and happy to know that we were about to have lunch. We stopped at this little island where the meals were served (buffet). Lucky that we were the first ones arrived to we could take our meals with no fuss, because 5 minutes after we sat and ready to eat, hundreds of tourists were making their way to get the food.

Our last stop (insert sad face here) is Khai Island! Quoted from here, Khai Islands are located 10 km east of Phuket. It consists of three small islands, which are Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui. We went to Khai Nai, the biggest island among the three. When we arrived there, the sun was very hot although it was already 3.30 pm (which in Jakarta is the best afternoon time). The tour guide said that we could use the beach chair (the one shown below) for free and enjoy some refreshing watermelon. We did have some bites of the free fruits but the chair was apparently not free. We were charged for 150 baht for 2 chairs, the local guy didn't mention how long we could stay there. We were pretty annoyed by the guy who was asking for the money, manner problem. But that doesn't stop us from enjoying the unbelievable view of blue sky, clear water and white sand. We sat and waited for a while until the sun is settling down a bit. We walked along the sand to the back of the island and dipped in the water for a bit. So many corals that it hurt my feet, so I wear my havaianas while swimming hehe

Welcome to Khai island!

Took a picture with these fat iguanas (one on my left shoulder), the owner charged me 20 baht for taking numerous pictures of it. Sooooo happyyy I'm a fan of iguanas! (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)♡

Picture by bf

Overall the trip to Phi Phi island was fun, very fun. I was entertained by the scenery and the beautiful view around me. But everything was too short, the Maya Bay stop, the snorkeling and the last stop in Khai island. Next time I come to Phuket, I'll definitely make my own itinerary of island hopping, I will not take the tour. 

Talking about the tour, the price was really tricky. On the brochure they charge 3,500 baht/person for a trip around Phi Phi island, but at the end we paid for only 1200 baht/person. We were not even bargain yet. Second, a tourist asked us how much we paid for the tour while we were heading back to the bay from Khai island. He told us that he paid for only 900 baht for the whole package (the same as ours but 300 baht cheaper). So if you want to go to Phi Phi island, make sure you do a lot of research of which islands you want to visit and try to find the best package. I'm sure there are plenty of tour package out there.

Happy and refreshed!

Until the next traveling post! 

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