Apr 16, 2014

My Red Violet Hair and Nobu Hair&More Review

I had a super fun day at Nobu hair&more, haircut & coloring. 
I got my dream hair color,  finally! OMG.

Speaking about hairstyle, I love to have my hair short. I've been changing so many hair styles from pixie short, bob, classic long bob, layered, long, blunt bangs, side swept bangs, no bangs, straight and curly. My current hair is short, but even though it is still short, I want to have a shorter hair. The shorter the better. I also want to have a new hair color, which is dark violet-red. I'm so into hair coloring lately, the last time I dyed my hair was on last January, I made it burgundy. So yesterday when I was at Nobu hair&more, I asked them to cut and color my hair. Then my wish was granted~

I went to Nobu hair&more in Citywalk, which is not far from my house. Nobu hair&more is on the same floor as Gold's Gym, so it is really easy to find this Japanese salon. By the time I stepped into Nobu hair&more, I feel like in a little Japan. The interior, the staff, their language, everything! My 1st impression is so spacey and so much less crowded than the other salons I usually see in Jakarta (fyi, I rarely go to salon). The interior reminds me of Muji, typical Japanese. I met Farica, who then introduced me to Hitomi-san, she is the make up director. Farica herself is an Indonesian, but she speaks Japanese really well. Everyone in Nobu speaks in Japanese, it makes me feel bad for neglecting my Japanese class (´Д` ) I waited for a while before Farica introduced me to Kenta-san, my hairstylist of the day. 

This is where I waited, in front of a wall of Japanese magazine. 
You know that I love Japanese magz so much so I'm sticking to this salon for hours without complain. 

Olive des Olive display! Later on that day I found out that the staffs were wearing Olive des Olive clothes as their uniform. No wonder they were all looking so かわいい!

Before I came to Nobu, I told Farica that I wanted to have a dark-red violet hair. 
I gave her some references I collected from Pinterest. 

Kenta-San speaks Bahasa really well. He checked my hair condition and asked when was the last time I dyed my hair, basically he wanted to know my hair condition. He ensured my request and explained that my hair would be darker on the roots and slightly lighter on the ends. I was so excited that I nodded for multiple times like a bobble head toy. 

First, Kenta-San cut my hair slightly shorter to classic bob - my ultimate forever and ever hairstyle. By the first time I had my hair washed,  it felt so smooth, silky and airy. I need the shampoo in my bathroom! Σ(д;) 

Here's how my hair looked like after the hair cut. Look at that shine. 
Me luvvv! After that Kenta-san dyed my hair to be lighter. 

On the 1st coloring, Kenta-san seemed unsure, he went back and forth checking my hair and discussed with the other hairstylist. As the 1st coloring didn't have any result on my hair, Kenta-san did another round of lightening, this time it was only 15 minutes of waiting. Ta-dah! After the 2nd coloring, finally my hair become lighter! At this stage, actually I liked it already hehehe it looks a bit brownish. After washing and blow drying my hair for two times, then here comes my most favorite part. The red violet coloring! When Kenta-san applied the hair color paste onto my hair, my scalp was in pain. In some minutes, my whole head felt like being bitten by ants. (゚дlll I felt dizzy for a moment, but it wasn't an allergic. Kenta-san told me to hold the pain for some more minutes. The paste color then distracted me from the pain, it looked so cute and pop like a cherry soda! Just look at these pictures, I feel like having this shade as my next hair color (^^)/*

I posted this picture on my Path and Instagram, my friends were shocked. 
They thought that I'll be having a Katy Perry kind of hair (╯ε╰)

After a few minutes, then I had another round of washing, blow drying and some final touch ups. Finally, I have a dark red violet hair! I'm soooo happy with the result. It took four hours BUT its totally worth every minutes. My hair feels smooth, silky and so light. OMG so happy (•̤ •̤ ) The color changes depending on the lighting. When I'm indoor, my hair color is dark violet. But when I'm exposed by the sun, my hair color is totally fiery red-violet. I really love it (• •)♡ 

Thank you Nobu hair&more for granting my hair color wish. I would love to go back to Nobu for a recolor when the roots are growing. Totally recommended! If you love Japan like me, you gotta go to Nobu hair&more. Better make an appointment by phone before you walk in, because usually they are packed during the day. Fyi, most of their customers are Japanese, so you can imagine how the atmosphere feels like in Nobu hair&more (•̤ •̤ )

What I love about Nobu hair&more:
  • The interior, clean and simple. Most importantly, no hair products smell on the air. You know that kind of specific smell when you go into a salon
  • The staff, because most of them are Japanese hahaha and Japanese are always so kind ♡ Farica and the other Indonesian staff can also speak Japanese so fluently ( 'д '  )
  • The treatment, the way they wash my hair is like treating the most fragile thing, so delicate. Also, they didn't bleach my hair, but as you can see my hair can pull the color perfectly.
  • The result, I really love it! Oh, if you want to have your hair done by Kenta-san, you can contact Nobu at Dharmawangsa Sq. 

  • Citywalk Sudirman 2nd Floor (Phone: 021 91271870 or 021 97227377) - close on weekends
  • Dharmawangsa Square (Phone: 021 91214528 or 021 91214504) - close on Mondays

Price list:
  • Haircut Rp 350.000 - 500.000 (include wash and blow)
  • Creambath Rp 100.000 (local staff, include dry)
  • Head spa Rp 150.000 (local staff, include dry)
  • Wash and Blow dry japanese stylist IDR 250.000
  • Hair color start from Rp 600.000~ (not include blow dry)
  • Permanent wave start from Rp 700.000~ (not include blow dry)
  • Hair straighten start from Rp 1.500.000~ (not include blow dry)
  • Gel nail art Rp 270.000
  • Gel nail 1 colour Rp 200.000
  • Remove gel nail Rp 50.000
  • Minimum purchase of IDR 300.000 get discount 10%
An honest truth, I did not get paid to write this post. I write it because I really like it and I think you should try!


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I've been looking for a place to get my hair dyed in Jakarta, and this has convinced me to go here! But I have a question, since this place is a Japanese salon, does that mean that they only do Japanese hairstyles? Or do you think they'll be able to do western styles too? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa, I think they can do any kind of hairstyles (not only Japanese). You can discuss with the hairstylist before they start doing your hair. One thing I'm sure about is that they are doing natural hair styles, they try not to use heavy bleach as it will damage the hair. Good luck!

  2. hi kak, mau tanya.. warna kyk gini tahan brp lama ya? 4 hari yg lalu aku warnain rambut jg di nobu citywalk, ombre brown-pink. tp baru 2x keramas warna pink di bawahnya udh mulai pudar bgt pdhl baru 4 hari :( i thought it was going to stay for months... pdhl udh pakai shampoo & conditioner khusus rambut berwarna juga :') infonya ya kak hehe thank you! :)

    1. Emang cepet banget ilangnya, jadi harus rutin dimaintain terus (dicat ulang). Aku juga sekitar 4 harian udah luntur, even setiap keramas warnanya luntur. Lama2 warnanya jadi merah-coklat instead of red violet :p

  3. Hi! Is it possible to have a request for having a haircut by Japanese stylist? and will they give any recommendation for the hairstyle that suits me? I kinda want to try it <3 Thanks!

  4. hi sis mau tanya, udah lama mau coba potong rambut di nobu, waktu kesana ada jasa make-up juga ga yah? mau sekalian buat photoshoot :) thanks!

    1. Haiiiii kalo makeup aku kurang tau, mungkin bisa telp langsung ke Nobu nya :)

  5. Hi Dinda, salam kenal! Boleh ya bales comment ini :)

    Dinda habis berapa dulu potong dan warnain di Nobu? I planned to do the exact routine as you, and would be great if you can give me some estimation of how much will they cost.


    1. Haaaaiiii! Itu price listnya sudah aku tulis di atas, tapi itu price list 2014 yaa. Pastinya ada kenaikan harga within 2 years :)


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