Apr 21, 2014

My Favorite Red Lipstick

Speaking about beauty, do you like red lipstick? I used to refuse using red lipstick because I don't have the confidence. Red lipstick makes me feels like the world is seeing me only at one point, my lips. Even though I felt so, I was always looking for the perfect red shades. I don't like bright red, I prefer dark red. I found this perfect dark red, Rouge Artist Intense 46 at Make Up For Ever around a year ago. I'm so happy to have this lipstick, it is my first red lipstick. It was pretty pricey for me, but I never find any red lipstick like this one from Make Up For Ever, so I have no regret. I don't use this lipstick everyday, only on weekends or parties. For daily use, I have my nude lipstick from Revlon, I'll make a post about it later. Anyway, do you have any favorite lipstick color? 

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