Apr 4, 2014

Happy Baking

I just got a new oven for my self, I'm sooooo happy! ^^ I don't have a microwave at home, because Mom doesn't really like to use it. She prefers to use the classic cooking and oven while she's doing the magic in the kitchen. I've been wanting to have a big oven since a year ago, because I want to bake. Mom suddenly bought a mini oven which is too small even for baking a mug cake, so sad. This time I had the chance to get my own oven, a big one, so I can start baking. I'm sooo happy, smiling ear to ear when this baby girl arrived at home. I ordered it via Lazada, they are categorizing the items so well which makes us easier to shop. Happy happy!

Some of my baking wish list since a long time ago are..

Some delicious baked eggs in potato or bread for brunch

and a lot more! 

I'm so excited I can't wait to start baking and make my first pie. ^.^


  1. look so yummy!
    btw, cute blog :D



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