Apr 23, 2014

Green Smoothies

For the last 3 weeks I've been drinking green smoothies (almost) everyday. This is also my effort in having healthier lifestyle besides cooking my own meal. Its so hard to be consistent in having this smoothies for 30 days in a row, but I always try to have it every morning. I knew this 30 days green smoothies challenge from Instagram. I think it is fun and challenging (yes totally challenging my self to be discipline). You can check the Simple Green Smoothies instagram or website. If you'd like to join the challenge, you can easily sign up to their newsletter. They hold monthly challenge and will email you the recipes and shopping list a week before the challenge starts.

You might have that strange grin on your face by seeing this green smoothies. But I'm telling you that this smoothies taste so goooood, I swear! The picture below is a spinach + pineapple + orange + banana smoothies. You won't taste the spinach at all, because the tropical taste of the spinach and milky flavor from the banana rule this smoothies. You gotta try it, at least one glass tomorrow. If this drink doesn't taste great, I wouldn't write this blog post :D

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