Apr 22, 2014

From Sk8er Boi to Kawaii

Have you seen Avril Lavigne's new video? I saw it just now, she sings a song called Hello Kitty. Wellll.... Its all kawaii and stuff but frankly I don't like the song. Its somewhat a dubstep music which I don't enjoy hehe. The music video is cute though, lots of sweets, pink, cupcakes and JAPAN! I like the video but I like the old Avril kind of style and music better. The Japanese girls in the video somehow reminds me of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls back in 2004. Anyway, do you realize that Avril doesn't look like she aged even a little? Gosh! I love her music since sk8er boi. Her first album was released in 2002, which is 12 years ago..... Damn that makes me feel old.

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