Apr 18, 2014

Foster The People's New Album!

Yesterday I bought Foster The People's new album, Supermodel. I looooove their new songs! My favorites are Best Friend, A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon, Pseudologia Fantastica and Nevermind. I really hope they will have another Asia tour and have a concert in Jakarta. PLEASE. Anyway, do you like Foster The People too? 

(When your best friend's all strung out)
You'll do everything you can
'Cause you're never gonna let it get 'em down
(When you find it all around)
Yeah, it comes in waves, but it's hardest from the start


  1. I'm in! I love Foster the People too! Best Friend is one of my favorites on Supermodel kak Dinda! hihihih Pseudologia Fantastica and Nevermind too :D


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