Apr 4, 2014

Bangkok and All The Goodness

Last month I had a quick trip to Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket). It was really spontaneous. My bf and his friends were already started their Indo China road trip a week before I left Jakarta. I had no plan to go because I had an event for Curious on March 8-9th. I really wanted to go, but I thought the flight would be expensive until I randomly checked the rates and they are surprisingly affordable for D-7 departure. I booked my flight to Bangkok with Tiger Air and the return flight from Phuket to Jakarta by Air Asia. So there I went flying solo early in the Monday morning.


The flight was at 8.45, but the plane took off at around 9.30, delayed by the crowded runway queue in CGK. I arrived in Suvarnabhumi airport at around 1 pm. Soon as I got out of the airport, I bought a local sim card so I can make a call. If you plan to go to Thailand in the near future, I recommend you to buy dtac happy tourist sim. It was only 299 baht, free internet for 7 days. Quite nice bargain, right? The signal is pretty good, no complain. I got mine at dtac's customer center at the arrival gate 5.

I took BTS Skytrain from Suvarnabhumi airport to Surasak and walked to a hostel called Saphai Pae. I booked one night via hostelworld.com (as usual). I was surprised because the private room was soooo big. I was already prepared my self to get a small room like I had in Osaka hahaha. I had a good sleep in the hostel, since I only had 2-4 hours of sleeping a few days before the trip. The hostel is nice, near to 7eleven and BTS station, big rooms, clean shared bathroom and who will refuse a free breakfast? ^.^

Bf picked me up at a transit station to Surasak and gave me a glass of bubble milk tea. 
What a sweet surprise ^.^

BTS ticket

The hostel lobby (behind me was a row of computers that you can use for free)

A pretty decoration at the luggage room

First destination, Wat Pho (วัดโพธิ์) the famous temple of the reclining Buddha. We went there by the waterways, but you can go there by BTS too (I think). I couldn't tell you much about the waterways because I don't really understand how and which boat should we take, my bf did it all. But taking waterways is pretty confusing, because most of the locals couldn't speak english. We even took the wrong (and scary boat) to the Grand Palace area. The river is not clean and the water splashed into the boat massively, so I covered my self with the safety jacket. Anyway, by the time we reached Wat Pho (วัดโพธิ์), the weather was perfect the sun made the temples looked even more beautiful and sparkling. 

Entrance fee to Wat Pho (วัดโพธิ์) is 100 baht (around Rp 35.000) + free bottled mineral water

I was wearing shorts so I gotta wear this neon green kimono robe

After that we headed to Asiatique to catch the sunset and have some dinner. We took another boat in the waterway and made it to Asiatique with a big boat that we should've taken earlier. Asiatique is another shopping centre at the side of Chao Phraya river. Here are some links of how to get to Asiatique and the directory in the Asiatique area. There were a lot of cute shops in Asiatique, I really wanted to shop a little but my voice was very minor in the group. So I skipped the stores (there was one fairy kei store!!) with heavy heart..

Asiatique was pretty crowded, a pretty nice place to spend a slow afternoon

My hainan chicken dinner at Asiatique food court. 
I forgot how much it was, but it was less than 100 baht for sure.

We wanted to go to the night maket at Siam, but apparently they are closed every Monday. I'm sooooo sad. One of my to do list in Bangkok is to shop at the night market *heart breaks* Not our luck for sure. Then we headed to Khao San road, which is a little heaven for backpackers. So many tourists from many countries. Everything is so cheap, food, souvenirs, clothes, hostels, etc. Here I did a little shopping spree in this short road ^.^

Street food galore~

Fried insects! ^.^

The fried insects snack in Bangkok is quite famous even the seller will charge you 20 baht if you take a picture of the food. Silk worms, grasshoppers, bamboo worms, water beetles, crickets, cockroaches and scorpions are some of the menu. I tried a fried grasshopper a few months ago, it tasted pretty good (think savory and crunchy). So I bought some of the crunchy grasshoppers that night. It was disappointing because it is rather hard to chew than crunchy, also it was too oily and salty. Brrrgghh..

We only spent half day around the city because our bus that took us to Phuket was scheduled at 6 pm. We went out pretty late in the afternoon, we went to Terminal 21. Its a shopping mall in Sukumvit area. You can reach Terminal 21 by taking BTS to Asok station. The mall is pretty similar with Grand Indonesia, it has themes for each floor. I love this mall because everything is really interesting and of course affordable. I bought a lot of tshirts in the men section and lots of quirky earrings. Lately I've been shopping in the men section much more than the women section, the men collections are perfect (I'm talking about slouchy sweatshirts, printed tshirts and cardigans). Anyway, what surprising me the most is how cheap the food was in the food court. The food court is pretty decent, similar to Eat and Eat. The food is pretty tasty and delicious. But its hard to believe that the crispy chicken that I ordered for lunch only cost me for 23 baht (around Rp 8,000)! Its a very strong reason for me to order two portions right? Hehehe

My lunch, it came with a bowl of soup

After we finished our lunch, we went back to the hostel to take our bags and luggages. On our way to the hostel, we bought some skewers on the street. My brain was totally controlled by the food I saw in Bangkok.

Rudy - Choky - Jagad - Oump - my traveling group in Thailand ^.^

We took BTS to Mo Chit station then took a cab to the bus station. I was amazed by what I saw outside the station. Cherry blossom tree lookalike! The view makes me miss Japan even more.. *self slap*

The bus ride took 12 hours to get to Phuket. We took the VIP sleeper bus (1000 baht, around Rp 350,000), a comfortable bus that allows you to sleep, gives you some snack and has a toilet attached in the bus. Pretty comfortable for a 12 hour ride. 

That's all for now, I'll see you on my next post in Phuket. The blog post will be full of white sand, turquoise sea and clear blue sky. See you! 


  1. nice review of hostel and anything!! Can't wait for your phuket trip! I love beach!!! I think the street food are so delicious.

    1. Thank you! The phuket trip post is already posted, enjoy ^.^


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