Mar 7, 2014

This Weekend: Me and Curious at SALEbration!

Its been a loooong time since the last time I shared you stories behind my Curious. Some of you might notice that the website has been under construction for a few months and no significant updates too on the facebook, twitter and instagram. Truth to be told, I am scared to read your comments on Curious' feed or to read your email asking about the stockist, because I haven't had time to wrap up the mess behind it all. I'm truly sorry for some abandoned comments, emails and promises.

Yes my dreams and goals for Curious are still up there hanging up strong and I am really eager to make it all happen. Wise man says you can have it all, but you can't have it all at once. That is literally what I'm doing now, taking baby steps to relaunch Curious. Curious has been in silence for months and its time to relaunch it the soonest as possible. One thing for sure is that we'll be having a brand new ecommerce site, yay! I miss my customers, I miss creating and designing outfits and other itsy bitsy stuffs. I just can't wait to share the cool things with you. 

Meanwhile, tomorrow Curious will be at CitaCinta SALEbration at Grand Indonesia West Mall level 5. I'll be there on both Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 10pm. If you have time or if you want to shop some of the collections, please do visit us! Here are some stuff that will be available at Curious booth this weekend. Since the website is still off, so these babies will be only available tomorrow at the booth. Oh, we'll be having some discounts for the previous collections too!

Really hope to see you tomorrow! (  • -)و

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