Mar 24, 2014

Spring Mood

As those of you who live in the other side of the globe are happy to have the winter fades into spring, we are here happy that the wet season is about to come to an end. So we're pretty much in the same condition right? ^.^ Even though Jakarta is really hot at most of the times (and yes with the high humidity..), I am grateful that we can still wear coats, wools, sweatshirts and all thick clothes (as long as its not furry) because the rain and storm can strike whenever they like.

Trench coat - Zara / Black dry fit shirt - Uniqlo / Flowery skirt - In a Beat / Black suede ankle boots - New Look / Unbranded cherry earrings bought in Bangkok / Daisy ring - Forever 21

Last week this gorgeous flowery skirt from came in the mail and I was so excited to pair it with my clothes for a chic Parisienne look. So this time I paired it with a black shirt to have a casual look for day time. On top of that, I wore my favorite nude trench coat that I got two years ago (and still is my favorite). Since I don't really like to be all girly at a time, I got my suede ankle boots to tone down the femininity. 

I took these pictures during the magic hour to get the natural warm filter in the pictures. The wind blew calmly that it created beautiful shapes to my skirt. I really love the print on my In a Beat skirt, classic floral. The fabric is very soft but still manages to contribute a pretty shape to the whole look of the skirt. Lately I find my self not wearing denim trousers that much, skirts are my first preference. So this flowery skirt is a great addition to my collection. You can get the skirt on In a Beat website or check out their Instagram page.

My key in wearing outfit is to keep the main look clean and chic. Spiced it up by wearing playful or bold accessories like I did with my cherry earrings and daisy ring.

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