Mar 2, 2014

Red Baggy Jacket

I'm so happy to wear this red baggy jacket I got from my last vintage shopping spree hehe. Its a very nice pair to my all black/monochrome outfit, I feel like a red riding hood. Anyway, I spent my saturday night by cooking aglio olio with sauteed beef and watching Glee. On the episode I watched tonight, Jake was cheating with Bree (the bitchy Cheerios girl), over Marley. I don't like a guy who cheats over his girlfriend, so I was pretty pissed with this episode hehehe. I then continued my night by watching some series on Youtube and Vimeo while snuggling in bed. My boyfriend is out of town for two weeks. He went for holiday with his friends to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Oh well, my buffering is finished, gotta continue watching the cooking video by Dulce Delight. May you all have a happy and refreshing weekend!

Vintage red jacket / Unbranded bejeweled necklace / Unbranded knit sweater
Curious semi suede skirt / H&M tights / Free Fish jelly shoes from VIP Plaza

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