Mar 20, 2014

Illustrations for Hanaru Park

What would you do if you're being asked to draw cute things? Of course I say yes! That's what I did when Uci, from Hanaru Park, asked me to make illustrations for their website. I stumbled across their instagram account and amazed by how excellent they present Hanaru Park image. The colors, tones, look and feel are all in one line. Hanaru Park creates lots of beautiful bracelets with cute charms. Hanaru Park asked me to make 3 illustrations, first is a table full of their things. If you see the instagram, you'll know what their things are. Second is a series of their charms. Third is a portrait of the twin sisters. I'm so happy to play with lots of cute colors like mint and peach! (•̤ •̤ )

I can also make custom illustrations for you, email me to for the request and I'll send you the rates

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