Mar 25, 2014

Tutorial: Blog Pictures Editing

I got some questions from the blog readers asking how I edit my blog pictures. The answer is really simple, I only use the curve feature in adobe photoshop. I love to have a lot of pictures in my blog post, but I'm a lazy blogger when it comes to picture editing. Here I show you some simple steps to get the VSCO look (color contrasts with dark and milky shadows)

First, open the image on photoshop (surprise surprise, I'm using the old version - CS4)

Next, open the Curve window. Start by moving the slider on the center to increase the brightness. Drag the bottom left slider a bit higher, you might not see the result for this action yet, so you need to make another dot between the first and second one. Just try to copy the curve line like I did below, this should make a color contrasted with dark shadows. Try to move the sliders as you like to reach the desired tone. If you like to have more vibrant color, try to increase the color Hue with Hue/Saturation feature.

Lastly, put some notes on the picture by using fonts or hand writings.

I hope this one helps you to edit your blog pictures using photoshop, let me know what you think! ^^


  1. ka dindaaa, what font do you use in your pictures? :)

    1. Hi dear, foto yang mana ya? On the picture above is my hand writing :)

  2. Fantastic tutorial about blog pictures editing. I'm fully satisfied by reading about in such wonderful blog post and I'm quite sure that this tutorial will be sound handy for me as well. So thanks dude :)

  3. Aaaaah thank you thank youu.. ini berguna sekalii :)

  4. dindaaa, how do you input your hand writing? is it from ipad?

  5. You showed good options of editing photos. I like the calmness of colors after the editing.

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