Mar 17, 2014

Ballerina Flats

The weather has been sooo wet since early January, which caused flood everywhere, including my house. I stayed for a month at my cousin's apartment then I went home for 2 weeks, then the flood strikes back and now I'm currently staying at my aunt's house. This temporarily-staying-somewhere condition is really upsetting in terms of outfit and shoes huhuhu. I ended up wearing the same skirt, blouse, jacket and shoes for the past couple of months, I cherish the power of mix and match and my all black outfit so people don't really realize (or at least that's what I hoped hehe). It really triggers me to shop online and get some new spices for my outfit hahaha girls always find a reason to shop.

I stumbled across this new website called VIP Plaza where they have flash sales or discounts for premium brands. VIP Plaza has some brands featured on their site and they update the brands every day at 10 am. They also give free shipping! Ohoho say whaaaattt, sounds perfect right? When I looked their website, I saw this jelly ballerina flats which looks pretty and comfortable. I rarely shop for shoes online, because I was afraid the size won't fit. But a jelly shoes can stretch a bit and jelly shoes can never gone wrong. So then I pick the navy one from Free Fish

And here are some of my style picks from VIP Plaza, I feel like shopping again soon (•̤ •̤ )

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