Feb 2, 2014

Two Cups of Hot Latte

Just got home from a saturday night with my bf, we went for lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner, like usual. We were about to try Cut The Crab, but somehow we took the wrong direction and ended up at Loobie Lobster. It was my 2nd time having Loobie, the first one was when they just opened their first restaurant. Hmm.. I think the food wasn't as good as my first trial, the calamari even tasted like fried rubber. Has anyone went there lately? We then went to 707, we'd like to see some Stussy tshirts (I still want this SS link tee). Too bad they don't have it, I bet its because the SS link tshirt is an old collection. Anyhow, since 707 is right next to Aksara, so we took a peek inside. Book is my 2nd weakness after stationery, its really hard to go out of Aksara or Kinokuniya without any book in hand, so I bought a book about illustration. I feel like slapping punching my self because last month I also bought an illustration book. Oh dear books and magazines.... I love you guys so much.

We then went to Liberica in Kemang and spent the rest of the afternoon by talking about everything. I'm so glad that I have a boyfriend who is also a best friend to me. I can talk about everything with him, he can give me advises and also reminds me to stay focus when I start wanting too many projects (and maybe dream too many dreams?). Oh this morning I ran 1km further than usual, I'm so happy. Its a good Saturday!

Here's one of the songs I like, you might like it too :)


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