Feb 26, 2014

My Kind of Blog Design

I got some emails from my blog readers asking about customizing a blog design. Hmm well its hard to explain because I learnt everyitsy bitsy from the mother of internet, google. I usually google the tutorials of how to customize the blog design, sometimes its pretty hard because I am not really familiar with the scripts. It gets better now because I keep on learning the scripts until I finally succeeded in doing something hehe.

When I do blogwalking to hundreds of blogs in the blogosphere, I found 2 kinds of blog. Blogs that looks good and please my eyes and the blogs that hurt my eyes. I'd like to share you some of my favorite blog designs, which inspire me to customize this blog too.

I like a blog that has a clean look, which is the total combination of all elements in the blog. The background, main post and side bar have the biggest contribution to a clean look blog. I close my tab whenever I land on a blog with bright colors that are too bright (red or neon for a background is so not so good). In my opinion, white, off white, creme, pastels are the best colors for a background. Black is sometimes a great choice too, depends on the whole design and what the blog content is.

The blog header should tells what is the blog about. I think it should represent the blog author's personality too. It doesn't have to be your portrait, it could be a single line of your blog title. The font choice is really important. It takes sometime to finally decide a layout to be my blog header, but its all worth it. Thus, it is the first thing that a blog reader see in your blog. It also determines whether a visitor will continue scrolling down your blog or not. A hand writing blog header is my all time favorite.

I like to see a blog post that has the same size for all images in the post. Try to choose how big the size should be. For my blog, the width should be 640px, it is related with the main post bar size that you can adjust in the template designer feature in blogspot. The pictures should be clear and of course you already knew how should an eye candy blog pictures look like, right?

For side bar, I like a single sidebar. Some blogs have double column in one side bar, which looks good but I don't really like to have it in my blog. My kind of side bar is started with a short profile of the blog author on the top, social media links, other blog post links within the blog, other blog links (such as inspirations, DIY, other fashion blog, etc), and the last one should be the banner ads. The banner ads sometimes look so cluttered that it is distracting the main post and the whole blog layout. You should be very careful in displaying the banners, try to think about how it looks when being side to side with the blog posts.

Below are some of my favorite blog designs.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 the greatest blog ever - 5 - 6

Do you have any favorite blog that you love for the design? Let me know, I'd like to see it. Also, I plan to share you some tips and tricks to customize a blog, but I don't know where to start. If you have questions about blog designs, please leave a comment down below. I'd like to help! :)


  1. The first one is my favorite. I've checked the blog, and yes it's awesome. Clean and sweet layout, and my favorite part is adorable food photography. Nice choices Din.
    My problem is, that I'm too afraid to put some colors in my blog's layout (even creme or pastels), so I keep it White-Black-Gray. :))

    1. As long as the monochrome color palette matches your blog content I think its okay ^^

  2. my favorite blog design is yours, actually! Hehe XD I looove your handwriting, doodle, basically all your artwork :D
    Thank you for the post, it's fun to look at artsy things base on other's perspective.

    1. Waaa thank you, I'm flattered. I will try to post more things like this (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)


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