Feb 27, 2014

Closed - Kikki.K Daily Planner Giveaway

As I told you earlier in my instagram post, I bought this daily planner from Kikki.K on my last trip to Singapore. I decided to hold a giveaway for you to win this daily planner because I already have a daily planner ahahaha (here I'm talking about impulsive buying, Kikki.K, super cute design and stationary junkie). Scroll down to see how to win this daily planner in #MichikoGiveaway!

The daily planner design is soooo pretty! It has different patterns on each the daily calendar and some pages with cute illustrations where you can write down your wishes or best moment in a certain month. It also has a few envelopes where you can keep some memorable stuff like movie tickets, concert tickets, pictures or maybe shopping receipt to keep you on track in the monthly expenses. Among all of those reasons, the best thing is that you can write down all your schedules, notes, contacts, etc in this gorgeous daily planner! Wihiiiii ☆

How to enter #MichikoGiveaway:
  • Follow me on Instagram or Twitter
  • Tell me what do you love to see or read in my blog (I'd like to know and I open for new ideas too!) by leaving a comment on this post. Don't forget to mention your twitter username so I can mention you if you become the winner (•̤ •̤ )
  • #MichikoGiveaway is open for anyone who lives in Indonesia
  • Winner will be randomly selected through random.org
  • #MichikoGiveaway will be closed by March 9th 2014 and I will announce the winner on March 12th 2014
Click read more to see more pictures of this gorgeous daily planner. Good luck! ♡

Eiffel pen is only for display

Congrats to the comment #14 - @FRDAULIYAH, 
email me your address and phone number so I can send you the daily planner soon!


  1. Sejak blog ini lebih ke lifestyle blog, i want more ootd! and you should show us your beauty routine as skincare routine, makeup routine, etc. I'd love to see you cooking too!


  2. (@saritaayas)

    I've been following you on Pinterest's DIY board for some months and I do think it would be nice to see your very own DIY project on this blog! It could be food, crafts, or fashion DIY. And also, posts about your beauty and healthy lifestyle!

  3. How about 'morning routine' or 'night routine'???? Hm.... room tour maybe???

    Instagram & twitter : @ciciagintha

  4. I'd love to see tutorials, Dind. I love your artworks and would like to know soooo much how you create it. Please make a tutorial, whether it is the hand-drawn one or the computer-graphic one.

    And another thing I want to see is you cooking simple yet creative dish that can inspire employers (like me!) to bring lunch from home, maybe like a simple Japanese bento (cos you seem to love Japan so much) or simple pasta (without instant seasoning please :P). Would be super interesting yet hemat di kantong hohohoho.

    Twitter: @monikakrist. Instagram: @monmonce

  5. interior design / room organizing tips or.... packing tips for girls with style but still want to be practical! instagram & twitter @reginagab :-)

  6. aku paling suka postingan foto-foto hasil jepretan kakak yang dibumbui illustrasi atau tulisan- tulisan. maybe you wanna share tutorial? hehehe
    design dan foto-foto kakak selalu enak dilihat dan ketceh.
    iya, setuju sama coments diatas :)

    twitter: @dyrufi instagram: @dyahrulitamaghfiroh

  7. I like your outfit post, your styles inspire me a looot. I'd love to see more.
    I love your travel diary, and adore all of the eye pleasing photos. I hope you can travel more and share more :).
    Twitter: @faizamalia

  8. Selamat malam, kak Dinda.. :D
    Aku suka banget lihat design buatannya kak dinda, sebagai sesama desainer aku jadi ikut terinspirasi
    terinspirasi. Posting outfitnya kakak buat jalan-jalan juga.. Rasanya kayak "oh hei, kenapa aku gak kepikiran gitu yak.." "ihh.. Lucu banget ternyata.." hahaha. Tetep makaryo (re: mari berkarya) kak :D
    Twitter : @hhera

  9. We both love Japan and illustration! hihi <3
    I want to see moreee illustrations and your OOTD :)

    Twitter: @japobs

  10. lebih banyak ootd and outfit ideas dengan ilustrasi ala kak Dinda tentunya! sama lebih banyak moodboard mulai dari fashion sampe ke illustration and photography. boleh juga tips jalan-jalan nya sama DIY project kalau memungkinkan. oh ya, sama free downloadable goodies kayak wallpaper smartphone dll ala ilustrasinya kak DInda :D

    Twitter: @etafu

  11. ka dindaaa, banyakin tentang buku-buku apa ajasih yang ka dinda bacaa, umm sama alat-alat gambarnya apa aja, sama outfit yang lucu-lucu!! :D

    Twitter: @nabebe
    Instagram: nabebeeee

  12. Karena aku suka banget sama photography blog, jadi, kepengen banget bisa liat hasil-hasil foto ka Dinda :D kayak blogpost kali ini, foto-fotonya bagus, anglenya, tonenya :) Atau hasil dari desain2 dan gambar2 ka Dinda juga boleh.. Karena aku anak desain juga. Semangat terus ka Dinda!! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    twitter : @janangelical
    instagram : @janangelical
    email : janiceliando@gmail.com

  13. Maybe I never knew ka Din if I never "stalking" ka Fifi Alvianto. The most I loved from this blog is every single thing about your illustration and photograph. I like photograph and drawing too, playing with pen tablet and color. I craved to be like ka Din, don't know how to describe pokoknya I want to be like you kaaakkk, I friggin adore you. Semoga aku yang anak FISIP ini bisa menjadi seperti ka Dinda kelak. Anw, I collect a lots of note book too. And we had the same one in a different color, a lil pony in a weekly planner :)

    regards, Hana (T: @allertsean, I: @hanaulia)

  14. Hay ka dinda! You are one of my photographer idols. I love your photography, your design, your style too. Ah, dont forget your pretty cool travel diary. Im really glad to see you on instagram. You are really inspired me..
    Ah, please do a tutorial DIY or designing something. Cause im typical person that like to see video kk ^^ (maybe the others too)

    P'S: because my birthday is one day before announcement day, if i win this giveaway, i think this is the best gift on my birthday this year, hehe

    Instagram and Twitter: FRDAULIYAH

  15. Hai kaaak din, pertama kali tau kak dinda tu dari instagram, liat di following orang, kepo-kepo dikit daaaan langsung tanpa babibu langsung follow! Hihihi
    Aku suka sama semua yg kak dinda post sih, istilahnya aku suka semua tentangmu, ceilaaaah hahaha
    Tapi kalo boleh berharap, pengen banget kak dinda bikin tutorial ilustrasi2 tipe kak dinda ituuu, kereeen pokoknyaaa. Sama suka sama every single photo you've taken, suka tone nya, suka anglenyaaa, hihi
    Okeyyy terimakasii kak diiiin =)

    Ig & twitter : @syeviras

  16. Hi Dinda :) I've been a silent reader of your blog. I am anticipating more traveling pictures and stories and also your illustration :3


    Instagram&twitter: @mustikatiwi

  17. Favorite part from your blog is 'Japan session' it would be great if you share more illustrations with a specific themes, design/illustration books or anything that inspired you the most. well, DIY craft project is a great idea too.

    IG & Twitter : @chrysantiani

  18. Hai kak dinda..
    What I like in your blog is your spirit,
    Yes,realize or not, from your thoughts, feelings and dreams that you have been told as in your blog you have inspired me to be positive thinking, cheerful, and to be a humble person like you kakaa
    Thank you kakak for inspiring me.
    Andddd wish me lucky..hehe

    Ig:luluklaraass & twitter:luluklarass

  19. Hi Kak :) I love your artworks (your illustrations, photography,...) You also have a unique sense of fashion, which I love. Your blog is versatile as you explore so many themes and project it in an extreme creative way. I wish you would make a design tutorial session! Whether it's digital or hand-drawn, either way it's beautiful!
    Keep it up Kak!

    ig: @candicechrs
    twitter: @ccndice

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. hai kak :) for real, it's my first time strooling around in your blog, but I've followed you instagram for quite a long time, since I have a lust over your brand, Curious (and it kills me not to have Akicha *panicked face* LOL). my thought at that time was the girl behind this must be awesome :) and, you are.

    I do enjoy looking at your blog, but please give some DIY tutorial :D more trip story, and, why not provide us with your fast drawing video, cz I looove your drawing :D it is pop and classy.

    well, please pick me then :)

    IG: @nvandriyani
    twitter: @noviandriyani

  22. Hi ka Dinda!
    I've been following your Instagram since idk tapi kayaknya udah lama deh :)
    Dan yang paling aku suka itu bagian artworknya! Karna jujur aja aku ga jago untuk yang kaya gitu. But you inspired me to make a little doodles ya walaupun masih keliatan biasa but I love it <3
    Yang aku pengen tau lebih banyak lagi itu banyak kak, maaf BM hehehe. Kaya misalnya DIYnya, room tour, atau edit photo tutorial kali ka soalnya foto-foto yang diupload pasti selalu bagus.

    Oh iya sama cerita gimana awalnya kakak bisa sampe sekarang ini. Karna aku aja pengen banget bisa kerja di Ogilvy. Pokoknya penasaran bgt awalnya kakak niti karir itu gimana. Kali aja aku bisa ikutin tips n triknya ;)
    Itu aja deh maaf kebanyakan ya
    Thank You ka for the giveaway!

    IG: toldyoupie
    Twitter: @paulanabell

  23. Hai ka dind!
    Aku suka banget post tentang personal artwork/illustration like your ootd and what's inside your bag. Ohya also the michiko doodles. Foto-foto yang ada di travel diary juga baguuuuus bgt, it makes me wanna go there someday.
    Keep up the good work ka and thanks for inspiring me!
    Xoxo ;)

    IG & Twitter: @natasasya

  24. Aku suka banget sama blog, pas lagi nyari ada store kikki.k di Indo ada apa nggak then I found your blog. Your blog looks so pastel and I love that....terlebih lagi kakak suka post ootd and craft things...I would love to see how you decorate your planner , I believe that you've never done that before...that's all and I hope that I can get a chance to win this awesome giveaway

    IG and Twitter :@fizamrdh

  25. Hi Dinda :)
    I'd love to see some of doodle tutorial and DIY tutorial. You are such a good person in the making of diy project and doodles, cause all of your doodles are the cutessst things in the world♡ Beside i'd also want to know about more about your arts-piration.



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