Feb 18, 2014

Currently in Love with OPI San Tan-tonio

I don't have special treatment for my nails, in fact I only did manicure one time since I was born hahaha sounds silly? Not that I don't like to take care of my nails, its just that I can do it at home. I love to make my nails shining with a nail buffer and makes it even more beautiful with a nude nail polish (when I'm having a period). I also love to make a twist on my DIY french manicure, I paint my nail tip in turquoise, fuchsia, or other eye popping color. I collect a lot of nail polishes, but most of them are nude and dark colors (I really love plum colors!). I also like the glittery ones, but I don't use them as much as the nude or dark ones. My lovely cousin also collects a lot of nail polishes. She gave me one of her least loved nail polishes, which turned out is my favorite shades! OPI San Tan-tonio, the color is so gorgeous, I love it!

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