Feb 7, 2014

Brain, Beauty, Belief Book Launch

Alhamdulillah, we did it! All the sleepless nights are finally paid off. 
Brain, Beauty, Belief book by Dian Pelangi was launched yesterday and will be available at all Gramedia book stores in March

It was all started when Dian mentioned me on Twitter and emailed me the second after. She said that she saw my blog and my artworks and she would like to collaborate with me for her upcoming project. Of course I said yes, then we met to have a further discussion about the project. The first time I saw her, I was mesmerized because she is so pretty in person, charming, calming and down to earth ----- and with all her achievements, she's still in my age! *gasp* We talked about this and that and she lend me a book as a reference. It was in late March and I didn't hear anything from her for weeks. I was very sure that she was busy, which is true. All of sudden, in one morning she asked for a meeting with me in the afternoon. As I was still working in Ogilvy, I couldn't attend the meeting. I felt like I swooshed away this project because I didn't hear anything again from Dian for months. I was then busy working with my day job as an account executive.

Remember my blog post about my resignation? A week after I resigned, I got a phone call from Dian's team, asking for a meeting regarding to the book project. I was pretty surprised to know that this project was still on hehehe so I went to meet her, Gramedia and Wardah. After that meeting, everything was on set for a very tight deadline. Everyone was working on their plate, so did I. Dian wanted the book to be an eye catchy book, colorful and lots of illustrations. She asked me to draw everything in the book, mainly for the 2nd chapter (Beauty). At first I wasn't really confident to work on my self only, will I be able to finish everything within the very short time? It was a big challenge. Dian has a fun personality, which is so great to work with. Everyone in the team are the kindest people, (hello I'm waving at you Mba Greti & Mba Nana from Gramedia, Mba Lia, Mba Indah, Mba Bilqis, Thata, Mba Diera Bachir and Mba Zinnia). Alhamdulillah I had no difficulties to draw the book, so I did it and the team was happy with my work (•̤ •̤ The book was planned to be published by January, but since we want everything to be beautifully perfect, so finally Brain, Beauty, Belief book was launched yesterday at Signatures restaurant (Kempinski Hotel). Here are some pictures I took at the book launch. Everyone was soooo beautiful. The decoration was so pretty and the dining decoration was gorgeous. The happiest thing is that I saw my illustrations everywhere, from the guest book, table cards, goodie bag, wall of fame, etc etc etc ♡



I was wearing Uniqlo black dry fit shirt, unbranded skirt, tights and necklace, 
Pull & Bear oversized coat and The Little Things She Needs platform heels

I love Thata's outfit, always fun and fresh.

With kak Fifi and kak Hanna 

I will write another post for the book content. Until the next post, cheerios!



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