Feb 9, 2014

Blue, Pink and Green

Starting from this post, I will start posting my illustrations for Dian Pelangi's Brain, Beauty, Belief book (•̤ •̤ )

One of the best part to draw in Brain, Beauty, Belief book was the chapter dividers. I started making the Beauty divider first, I put all fashion and beauty stuff in the illustration. I used the brightest colors in the palette, because as you might already know, Dian Pelangi loves bright colors. The Beauty chapter (pink) was the first one being approved, so the others are following the concept. The Beauty chapter divider illustration was also chosen as the key visual for the book launch. Invitations, back drop, table card, almost everything was using the illustrations. Oh, if you saw the blog header at Dian's blog, it is also from the Beauty chapter divider illustration. So glad she likes it ♡





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