Jan 30, 2014

What's In My Bag?

I've been wanting to do this kind of post since a long time ago but I never did
So here it is, an illustration of the things that I bring almost everywhere in my bag ♡

Talking about bag, I'm a big bag kind of girl. I don't really get along with small bags, unless it is really necessary to bring small bag like to parties, I always have big bag on my arm. I used to like slouchy bags when I was still in high school and college. But as I have more things to carry in my bag, now I like structured bag much more than the slouchy ones. I have a lot of bags, most of them are given from my Mom, friends or my cousins. I don't shop for bags that often, only when the ones I had are damaged. Lately I'm using this structured bag a lot because it is so spacey and I really like the structured look, which is kind of reminds me to Selma bag. Ok now lets begin the what's-in-my-bag-tour!

1. Sketch book
I try to always bring my sketch book, so I can draw directly when I have some ideas in my head. Sometimes I left it at home when I feel that my bag is too heavy, but it ends up I draw on sticky notes or receipt, which is not good because they easily gone with the wind. 

2. Black pen or black marker
I always need to write anything that crosses in my head to my notebook. One of my biggest problem is being easily distracted, by smartphone, by anyone who talks to me, or by my self! I'm a kind of person who thinks about things continuously, when I'm thinking about A, the Z is popping up out of the blue. So black pen or black marker is a savior. 

3. My white iPhone 4
I lost my black iPhone 4 on October last year, it was kind of damaged here and there so I didn't really feel sad for the lost hehehe I bought another iPhone 4 but this time its in white! Some friends asked me why didn't I get iPhone 5 or at least iPhone 4S. Why should I? The features are all similar, the big differences are the camera quality and Siri, which I don't mind for not having them. I chose white iPhone just because I feel like I need something new, white suits my style - she looks so clean!

4. Blackberry Gemini
Yes my dearest friends I still have my blackberry with me. But this blackberry is only for phone calls and sms, I turned off the BBM service since like 2 years ago (I hate it when people Ping! me for not so important reasons, so yea I cut it off). 

5. Daily planner
I got this daily planner book at Scoop. IMHO, Scoop is the 2nd best stationery store after Aksara, then Kinokuniya comes after o(^^)o I always have daily planner from time to time, but I never really used it. Maybe because when I was still working in office, the meeting schedules are in my google calendar and sometimes the meeting schedules were changed an hour before the actual appointment. But since I'm a freelancer now, I use this daily planner a lot! It is quite hard to remember appointments for Curious, meetings with clients, trip schedules, etc without writing it down on paper. This book helps me a lot.

6. Notebook
This book is my life since almost 2 years ago, I got this in Aksara. It was quite expensive for a not so hard cover and plain paper notebook, but I like it hehehe (one of my weakness is stationeries). Thus I'm still using it until now, which is not bad, really. The paper quality is also fine, I don't like paper that leaves gel pen marks on the back page. I write e v e r y t h i n g in this book, I must not lost it. Ideas, orders, meeting notes, revisions, addresses, expenses, etc etc. 

7. Pink pouch with all the magic in it
The pink pouch was freebies from a magazine, it has all the small items. Having the small ones in one pouch is making me easier to find the things when I need them. My good friends know so well how messy my bag is hehehe, so this thing helps me a lot. I have some mint candies, keys, iPhone charger, and key BCA. Oh I put my black marker or pen in this pouch too.

8. Body mist
I'm using Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion for the last 2 years. I don't really like to change my perfume or body mist, once I like a fragrance, I'll use it for a long time. I'm happy that VS has opened their store last year in Plaza Senayan. Talking about this VS Coconut Passion, I like it because it smells like chocolate cookies, very sweet. I like sweet fragrances, my Mom hates it but I don't care hahaha. Every time I use this body mist, people throw questions like "who's baking cookies?" ◕

9. Makeup pouch
I don't use heavy make up in daily basis. I use moisturizer (with SPF), sometimes I use compact powder (but sometimes I don't), eyeliner, brush my eyebrows, put lip balm and nude shades lipstick. In my makeup pouch, I have Nivea lipbalm (the cherry flavor), moisturizer, compact powder, Revlon nude lipstick, Make Up Forever dark wine red lipstick, Clean and Clear face paper (this is my major hero throughout the day, oily skin problem!) and Revlon blush on. I never know when I will have a sudden meeting, so face paper and my red wine lipstick are always in my bag.

10. Black purse
I got this black purse in New Look around 2 years ago (or more). I don't really care about how my purse looks like because most of the time I left it at home hehe. My purse adds some weight to my bag, so I put my money and cards in the pink pouch. I don't feel like buying smaller purse, because I don't like it. 

11. Clear cat eye glasses
I forgot to draw this important thing in my bag, a cat eye glasses that looks similar to this one. My eyes are thankfully fine and normal, no eyesight problem. The thing is I easily get something in my eye, either its dust, eyelash or other small flying things (one time I had a flying ant baby stuck on the corner of my eye). I usually go everywhere with public transportation, so I need to cover my eye from the unwanted things. I found this unbranded cat eye glasses and surprisingly it fits my face shape so well. She goes with me everywhere ever since.

Seems like I have so many things to carry in my bag, sometimes I bring my macbook (and it's freaking heavy charger). Since I can't handle the heaviness so I usually have another bag for my macbook. What do you have in your bag? Do you bring lots of things like I do? (•̤ •̤ )

Here's an extra bonus, I like this Youtube channel and this one is one of their great remix.




  1. Nice sharing kak. Btw, How'd you make that illustration ? It's nice

  2. I loooove your new blog layout, Dinda! Mind to share the tutorial? :D

    1. Sure I can do a tutorial for that, in fact I'm planning to have blog design tutorial kind of posts (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)


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