Jan 21, 2014


I miss my blog soooo much. I was in tight deadlines for weeks and my house was flooded, twice. We cleaned up the house after two days of flood, but then we left the house once again because the flood came back :( I just hope the flood won't reach the 2nd floor, unless I will lose all my books, magazines and craft supplies. The weather is really bad lately, usually the rain starts at 9 pm until the sun comes up. Flood is everywhere in Jakarta right now, so if you really don't need to go out, you better don't.

I'm staying at my cousin's apartment right now, the weather is pretty much affecting my behavior. I don't feel like going anywhere right now. At the other hand, whenever the rain is pouring down, I'll be thinking about my house :(

Last Friday was the day that I've been waiting for since November, it was Phoenix concert! I was about to cancel my plan to see their concert, it was so cloudy. Usually I have no problem of going to concerts alone, because actually it is quite fun. But since it was raining and all, I was a bit hesitant. My bf finally convinced me to go, because he knew that I like Phoenix a lot and I've been waiting for the concert day and I'll be a total weirdo if I missed the concert for some cheesy reason. So then I go.

And it was the best decision ever!

Soon as I arrived at EX park, I knew that the concert will be great. First because the venue wasn't really big, second because the crowd is pretty cool. Not long after, the rain poured down and we started to cover in our raincoats. The crew gave free raincoats, but I got mine packed in my bag already (that's the importance of being prepared hahaha). So then we start to dance in the rain and not long after, Phoenix came out on stage singing Entertainment. Long story short, the concert was epic, but the rain was really hard as well. Some people were annoying enough to use their umbrella while watching the concert (helloooo you guys were already in the raincoats), but that didn't stop me from singing all their songs aaaaa I love Phoenix so much! Lately I found out from Phoenix's facebook that the two song encore was cut for safety reasons, too bad. But overall I love the concert, I enjoyed it so much that I don't want to waste my time taking pictures or recording videos, the memories stay in my mind :)

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