Jan 29, 2014

JAPAN Beauty Week

Did you know that last week there was Japan Beauty Week at Plaza Senayan? 
Just in case you missed it, here I have some stories and pictures, 
including my quick session as one of the speaker at the blogger talkshow! (•̤ •̤ )

So last week there was Japan Beauty Week at Plaza Senayan (Jan 23rd - 26th) at the main atrium. There were several Japanese brands participated like Kanebo, Astalift, Menard, Kracie, Hada Labo and Panasonic Beauty. I was quite excited with this event because it was a Japanese event (I couldn't handle anything related to Japan hehehe) and it was all about beauty - which I loveeee ♡

I went there on Saturday afternoon, an hour before the talk show because I wanted to look around the booths. It was quite crowded by the time I got there, I stopped by BBlog booth which is next to Mini Carat, a Japanese clothing line. Million Carats and OLIVE des OLIVE really caught my eye because the clothes, especially OLIVE des OLIVE, are like the ones in ViVi and Haco! かわいい! At OLIVE des OLIVE booth, I met this cute girl with Harajuku look, Cominica, who is a beauty blogger (here's her blog). We talked a while about the brands and she handed me some freebies (#yayforfreebies). I love her hair so much, just look at her look below, sooo cute!

I walked around the area, but most of booths was pretty crowded so I only got closer to Kracie. Kracie's booth was pretty attractive so I stopped by, filled up a questionnaire and got some of their product samples (another #yayforfreebies). I'll definitely try the mask tomorrow night. Kanebo's booth was also crowded, I heard that you can get free makeup by a famous Japanese makeup artist. I was eager to try but I finally did not because it was pretty crowded hehehe.

Meet Carryna, another beauty blogger who gave me short course about basic makeup and makeup recommendations. She also went on stage with me for the blogger talkshow. I love hanging out with beauty bloggers because I can get a loooot of makeup tips and gain my knowledge about makeup, right from the gurus! Last weekend was a perfect time because I met a lot of beauty bloggers at a beauty event (•̤ •̤ )

Here comes the blogger talkshow with me, Carryna, Gianti, and Stella Lee as the host (I like Stella's eye makeup!). I was so happy to participate in JAPAN Beauty Week and share some of my beauty rituals - even though I am not an expert (you know what I mean). And if you want to know about what we talked that evening, here is the summary (• •)

Q: What's your skin type and concerns?
Me: Sensitive and oily on the T zone. Also, I have problems with acnes.

Q: Do you think it is important to use sun screen everyday?
Me: Using sunscreen is really important for us, especially girls who live in big cities. We don't realize that we are exposed by the sun, pollution and other bad things that can ruin our skin. So applying moisturizer that has sunscreen in it is really important.

Q: Do you think it is important to use foundation in daily makeup?
Me: I don't think it is important for daily makeup, I don't even use foundation everyday, because foundation is pretty heavy. For daily makeup, I only use moisturizer and compact powder, or BB cream, the less the better. I use foundation only when I attend formal events or interviews.

Q: Have you ever try facial foam?
Me: Yes, I'm using facial foam in everyday to clean up my face. Its like a quick solution, very easy and refreshing.

Q: What is your favorite makeup item?
Me: My favorite makeup items are eyeliner (liquid) and lipstick. But if I need to choose one, I'll go with liquid eyeliner. Because I have this small eyes that look sleepy if I don't use eyeliner.

Q: If you must choose one makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Me: Hmm.. tough choice, I'm juggling between eyeliner and lipstick. (long pause.....) I'll go with lipstick, because my lips shade is naturally dark (even though I don't smoke).

Q: Can you explain your beauty rituals?
Me: Since I have a sensitive skin, so I have 3 steps every time I clean my face. First, I use baby oil to take off everything on my skin, including the eye makeup. After that I use milk cleanser and followed by the toner. The last step, I wash my face with facial foam. I also like to use natural mask, like using fresh tomato or plain yogurt. I believe nature is the best cure of all skin problems.

Thank you JAPAN Beauty Week and BBlog for this opportunity, 
hoping to see this event again next year! (•̤ •̤ )

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