Dec 13, 2013

The Tea Journey

In the past three days, I've been trying so hard to avoid coffee. Yes my bad habit comes back, I had one cup of cappuccino everyday for the past one month. I strongly still remember the doctor's diagnose on my last check up regarding to my major headache, and yes the headache came back. I tried to keep sober while suffering my headache on Tuesday, fortunately I went through the day without coffee *applause*. On Wednesday, I felt my throat was having some trouble so I had glasses of hot tea instead of cappuccino. Yesterday was sort of a bad day for me. I woke up with sore throat, headache and stomachache. It was so hard to move out of my bed, but I had an appointment at Telkomsel and lunch with my bf. A perfect day would be I go out at 8 am, finish at Telkomsel at 9.30, wait for my bf and working until 1 pm at Pacific Place. But then I was beaten off by my sore throat so everything was distracted. I made all my appointments, but they just went not as I planned (I'm kinda a perfectionist hehehe). I was slightly happier that I arrived just before everyone went out for lunch at Pacific Place. I got a good spot at Liberica to work and had chamomile tea instead of coffee. As the evening passed, my sore throat was getting worse. I had glasses of hot vanilla tea, which was actually my first vanilla tea. Vanilla tea is darker than the regular tea (Indonesian most common tea is black tea). Vanilla tea has this sweet smell that I really like. This morning, I had another vanilla tea and bread with Nutella for breakfast. My sore throat was still there, not getting better or worse. Then I went to an early meeting at Starbucks, guess what did I order? Chamomile tea! *applause*. It was so hard to actually order the tea instead of one cup of good morning coffee. My team ordered a peppermint tea and our teas were accidentally switched, so I had the peppermint tea. The taste is very strong, I don't really like it but I had one glass after all. I'm gonna give my self double applause for ordering tea at a coffee shop for two times. Oh, my tea journey hasn't ended yet. This afternoon my sore throat was somewhat making me hard to talk. So I randomly tried to make ginger tea. Surprise surprise the taste is so good, the ginger is giving the perfect warmth to my throat. I'm gonna make more ginger tea tomorrow!

Off to bed now, I already snuggled in my blanket since I started writing this post. Trying to tell my self that it is okay to calm your self a little, at least until this sore throat is gone. Good night! :D

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