Dec 15, 2013

My Favorite Instagramers

I'm still glued to my bed due to fever and unfortunately my period just started this morning so I suffer the day with major stomach cramps. Oh dear its definitely not my week. I was planning to finish some illustrations today, but I can do nothing but sleeping and trying not to feel the cramps. My bf came and cooked me chicken wings (with his own recipe). Even though my teeth are hurting because my braces were just being tightened yesterday (ugh yes this is another thing I suffer this week), the chicken wings were finger licking good. I don't have any creations to share you today, so I decided to share you some of my favorite Instagramers. I follow them not because they post the most beautiful scenery or artistic photograph. I follow these people simply because they are the daily inspirations for me. 

Taza (@taza) is a mother of 2 angelic kiddos, Eleanor and Samson, and also a wife of Josh (@tiesandfries). I found them a when Taza was still having Samson in her tummy, they were and are a happy little family. Ever since I found her picture on the popular page, I always check her and Josh feed every night before I sleep, just to see their kids and how lovely the couple is.

I found this girl in the first year when I started my blog. I don't remember how did I found her blog but I love her blog because she seems like a very fun and creative girl. She didn't update her blog for a long time, so I kind of forget about her until I found her again on Instagram. She seems like getting popular in Singapore, but still full of creativity. Her outfits are the opposites of mine, but I like it a lot. She changes her hair color for multiple times, she can pull anything in her style. She is so colorful!

Found her kitty photograph on the popular page, Petchnla is the owner of a cat cafe in Bangkok. I love her feed because her cats are the cutest! I think she is an actress or model, I'm not really sure since I couldn't find any additional info about her in English.

Ploi is the social media editor of Harper's Bazaar Thailand, previously I knew her as a TV host and owner of Him and Her (its Ploi's clothing line). I found her through Petchnla account hehehe. I love her style, a lot!

This Japanese girl is probably the cutest one among all the people I follow on Instagram. I don't know who she is, I found her randomly from someone's following list. I tend to follow lots of Japanese people and sometimes I check their following list to find another interesting Japanese accounts to follow, simply because I love Japan hahaha. Here's the red haired Japanese girl, kawaii desu!

I don't know what's her real name, I found her randomly from some Japanese girl following list. This Japanese girl is so magical, she lives in Kyoto and owns a shop called Sleeping Forest. When I went to Kyoto, I really wanted to visit her shop, but too bad I was running out of time. She is kind enough to reply her followers comments on her feed, she always reply my comment from a simple compliment to a serious question like how can I get to her shop from Kinkakuji temple. This girl is beyond magical, I need to see her one day.

Do you have any daily inspiration accounts on Instagram? 
If you have, please share by leaving your comment down below. Thanks! :)

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  1. my fav instagramers definitely my fav football club Liverpool, coz i love 'em so much, haha :))


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