Dec 29, 2013

Holiday Mayday

Everyone in my Path are seems like having their annual holiday. From the local trips to Bogor, Bandung, Bali, Derawan, Pulau Seribu, Surakarta, Yogyakarta and Medan, to the neighbor countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and across continents to Melbourne, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, Birmingham, London, etc. The landscape (and food) pictures are so good that they make me jealous. I have some works to do so I couldn't go anywhere prior to this new years eve. But worry not, I can always plan my holiday when my friends are back working in the office ahahaha. Next time I'll make you jealous with my holiday pictures when you guys are in the middle of meetings or any other work related activities. *evil laugh* I desperately need a desk calendar to remind me of the public holiday dates because I start to forget them as I only rely to my iPhone's calendar. I asked my client for a meeting on Christmas day, what a stoopido ahaha pardon me, I'm a freelancer rookie. 

I spent this weekend by working and meeting, my boyfriend is away to Ujung Genteng with his friends (holiday jealousy no 2). I met my old girl friends yesterday, we had some a long sushi session at Plaza Senayan, it was a spontaneous idea but I'm so glad I met them yesterday. It feels so good to talk with your best girlfriends, don't you feel the same too?

Some pictures I took at Dian Pelangi's house, everything was so Instagram-able. 

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