Dec 9, 2013

Current Feelings

Not in the mood
I still have a lot of things to do but I don't feel like starting any of them. I guess my period is coming earlier so the mood swing is already here. At these kind of times, I hate my mood rrrgghh I wanna do a lot of things but I don't have the right mood. I just want to soak my self in my bed and thick blanket until tomorrow.

Passport renewal
This morning I went to the immigration to renew my passport. The expiry date is still on December 2014, but I plan to go to Singapore on June - which is 6 months prior to the expiry date. So there I went to the immigration. I don't know if it happens also in other countries or not, but in Indonesia to get a new passport or renew the old ones is pretty confusing and consuming your time so much. I tried the online passport renewal, filled up the form and uploaded some requested files. Then I paid the service charge to the bank and went to the immigration to submit the same files as the ones I uploaded to the website and got a passport photo. They asked me to come back by the end of this week, I really hope the queue won't be as crazy as today. The total queueing time was around 90 minutes (half of it was spent by standing since there was no seats left) and the total time I spent to submit the files and get a photograph is less then 10 minutes. Pretty crazy right? Oh well, I just couldn't wait to get my new passport and book my flight.

Being so lucky
Remember when I told you that every year I feel that I always been so lucky? In 2011 I won an iPad, in 2012 I won a trip to Korea and last week I got free return tickets to Singapore (and I can pick the dates) ahahaha. Alhamdulillah I'm so thankful :)

Since now most of my times were spent at home, I can try new recipes for lunch or dinner, yay! Lately I've been so into grilled chicken, beef and some veggies. I'm trying to mix between some recipes. I don't really follow how many tbs or tsp should I put, I just follow my instinct because I think recipes are quite confusing hehe. So far so good, my sister loves my grilled chicken so much that she asked the same meal for dinners. 

Differences (not)
I feel so much differences between the time when I was working at the office and now, working from home. I feel that I have more time to talk to my Mom, spend time with her. My mind is so clear, obviously, even though I have many deadlines ahead. Apparently my Mom doesn't feel the same way as me. She told me that I haven't spend that much of time talking with her or going out with her. The way she sees me is that I always in my working room and work work work until late at night. Yes I had a lot of overtimes even though I'm working from home. But I never thought my Mom would think that way and I feel bad about it. I should really have a month or two without working and just enjoy the time for my self and my Mom. The time is coming up soon after my secret project is being launched, prolly at the end of January :)

I have a lot of plans for me, Curious, my blog and some new projects in 2014. I know that 2014 will be a great year for me, I never be as excited as I am now for a new year :)

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