Nov 10, 2013

[Review] Moman Xiangji App

I always love game or app that lets me to create my own avatar/any cartoony creation of my self. I find it so exciting to choose the face shape, eyes, lips, hair (it is the hardest one to choose!), skin colors, accessories, etc. Is it me or you feelin it too? Lol. Recently I saw looots of caricature posts from my friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path. The caricatures are reminding me of Chinese vintage painting. I saw them truly everywhere, some are very funny that they had a sexy body in the illustration hahaha. Lately I found out that those illustrations were created by Moman Xiangji app. I downloaded the app on iTunes store and gave it a try. The app language is Chinese, I can read no letters but the surface is quite friendly just like any other photo editing app. You'll get used to it xD

If you are an Android user, you can download the app on Google Play Store through this link Then you can have fun in creating your own caricatures! But I saw that Android users were having troubles to save the images (and post it to social medias). Worry not, you just have to share the image from Moman Xiangji app to Moments WeChat (your WeChat app) - see the picture below. If you haven't had the WeChat app, you can download it in Google Play Store and create your account.

For iOs user, its even much easier hahaha (this is why I love iOs). Download the Moman Xiangji app through this link, create your caricature (you'll get excited with it, trust me!) and save it to your device. Of course you must show your magnificent creation to your friends through Moments WeChat app :D

Okay I got too excited with Moman Xiangji app..

I saw many of my friends were already had their Moman Xiangji pictures, have you? You should start to make it if you haven't had one, because you can easily get the chance to win exclusive souvenirs from WeChat!

  • Download the app through for Android and for iOs
  • Create your caricature, the more the merrier :D
  • Share it through your WeChat account and save the image to your device
  • Post the caricature to your Twitter, mention @wechatid and put hashtag #MOMANwechat
  • 10 coolest caricatures will win prizes from WeChat!

You got that my readers. Download, create, post and WIN! See you in my next post ;)


  1. ini jadi macam iMade Face kedua ya ka.. hype banget dimana-mana :D

    1. Iyaaa (mungkin) soalnya aku belom pernah pake iMade Face hahaha. Ini lucu gitu bisa ganti2 rambut, alis, kacamata & background :D

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  3. The app has one of the best customized interfaces, catered to target objects with the apps you choose, see parental-control-android for iphone now.


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