Nov 18, 2013


For me, November has always been the most awaited month of the year. Why? Because its my birthday! Yup I turned 24 this month and I was like being awakened for a sec. Twenty four, really? Next year I'll be a quarter of a century. Wait whaaaattt. Everything doesn't seem so different to me. Of course I am now a better version of me compare to the previous years. I am now smarter in making decisions and I can manage my emotion well. But I feel like my 22 years old version of me is still there. Lets just say that my soul is a 22 yo girl forever hahaha

In this post I just want to share my thoughts and what's happening lately. I feel that every year I always have one achievement that makes me happy. In 2011, I won an iPad from Gogirl magazine for winning their artwork competition. In 2012, I won a trip to Korea from Asian on Air program. In 2013, I didn't win anything (or maybe not yet) but I made one of the biggest and the best decision in my life, ever. I quit my job as a Sr. Account Executive from one of the well known multinational advertising agencies in Jakarta. I quit my job and follow my passion on being entrepreneur and illustrator. I worked for 3 years in the agency and has been moving to three different divisions in the company. My first year was in the digital PR, then I resigned and they pulled me back and got me in the advertising team. I then asked for another resignation after a year in the advertising, but again they offer me to be in one of the digital divisions. So I moved there and worked for another 9 months. I enjoyed working in this agency as the account service. I got the chance to meet a lot of amazing people, grow my network, get involve in big campaigns, being sent to overseas training and enrich my knowledge in communication and marketing. And by working in companies sure was giving me stability, in terms of financial. I like what I was doing, but I don't have the click to my job. I feel like there was always something missed, which was the chemistry between me and my job. At the same time, I was raising my own business, Curious, since 2010. I always wanted to grow it bigger and make it as a full time job. But my parents didn't let me to do so, because they thought that I was too young and I still need to grow my knowledge and network. That's why I'm back in the agency and moved to the advertising and then the digital team.

As what I always love to do is maintaining Curious and drawing, my weekends were always full with lots of things. Designing, shopping for fabrics and stuff, meeting the tailor, designing the lookbook, maintaining the website, sorting out the orders, packing the orders, - were all being compressed in weekend. Not only that, I was also trying to make time to draw, spend time with my family, my boyfriend, my friends and last but not least, to take a rest. I felt like I never had a proper weekend like being lazy in weekends. I always ran out of time. On Sunday night, I usually go to sleep at 2 am in the morning. That causes a-sleepy-all-day-long kind of Monday. 

After a lot of hard considerations, I quit my job on the last week of October 2013. Ever since my last day at the office, I enjoyed my days being entrepreneur and freelance illustrator at the fullest. I'm sooooo happy! This is the greatest thing ever happen in my life, I am now living my dream. Before I finally decided to resign, I had this huge fear of being powerless because I wouldn't have stable income. But money will come after happiness, right? :)

Most of the people who knew my decision are supporting me, which is making me even more happier. Some of them also like being so judgmental. Those people told me that I'll easily get bored if I'm working from home. The funny part is, those people are not even have the experience of working from home or being freelancers hahaha. Ever since I remember, I'm not a type of person who easily get bored. I always have things to do, either its only reading, drawing or browsing. I don't really like to play games. I prefer to browse some inspirations on the internet rather than playing candy crush or whatsoever. I rarely spend my off days watching tv from the moment I wake up until the night. I like to do crafts, that causes my brain to think a lot even when I do nothing. And that happens until now. Its almost a month since my resignation and I don't feel bored, even I don't have time to be a couch potato and sit on the sofa watch tv all day long. My time is being well spent :D

Alhamdulillah that I have lots of projects going on right now, its even more than I expected. Everything is like popping out of no where, offering me jobs and projects. My fear has left me since the first week of being a freelancer. I'm happy that now I don't have to live the template, like waking up -> getting ready -> off to the office and struggle with the traffic -> at the office working on reports, brief, meeting with the client, etc -> working over time -> get home and sleep (less talking to my family, bf and old friends). Now there is no more templates and no more insane traffic jam at pick hours! :D

Now I wake up in the morning, go cycling or morning running, then do whatever I want to do. I usually check on my emails and reply some, then having breakfast while absorbing more inspirations from magazines, books or internet. I can take more pictures to be posted on my Instagram (I love to take pictures a lot!). Long story short, I can do what I want to do and what makes me happy, because that's what life is all about. If you're now having your career by working in companies, that's totally okay. I don't hate working in companies, because that is where we learn so many things. But don't forget to have fun and do what you love.

Now I gotta start to continue my drawing, I have a big project for 2014. I can't wait to share them with you once we have them all ready. Aaanndd may you all have a great day! :)


  1. uuugh so inspirational ka! boleh tau gak kaka lulusan apa kuliahnya?
    aku salah satu mahasiswa tingkat akhir yang insya Alloh sebentar lagi masuk ke dunia kerja. tapi sejujurnya aku juga masih bias apa tujuan hidup ku setelah lulus, mau kerja kantoran atau freelance seperti kaka sekarang ini. kalau freelance aku merasa belum punya network dan modal yang memadai, tapi hatiku bener-bener gak kebayang kalau harus jadi orang kantoran dengan segala jadwal nya yang teratur dan cenderung membosankan. ada saran gak ka?
    anyway selamat atas 'hidup baru' nya! :) semoga menjadi awal keberhasilan baru ya ka. looking forward for the next news! good luck :D

    1. Hi Diah, makasi yaaa :)
      Kalo aku boleh saran, sebaiknya kamu coba dulu kerja kantoran atau at least internship di bidang yang kamu suka. Supaya kamu bisa belajar cara kerja yang baik dan grow networking untuk bekal kamu nanti *I sound like I'm so old* Kalo kamu pikir kantoran itu jadwalnya teratur dan cenderung membosankan, ngga selalu begitu kok. Kantorku dulu gak ada bosennya, ya emang kerja-meeting-kerja-meeting terus. Tapi suasana kantor & temen2nya seru banget jadi udah kayak keluarga sendiri. Jadwal yang teratur itu ngelatih kamu untuk kerja efisien kalo nanti freelance. Soalnya yang paling susah kalo kerja sendiri itu managemen waktu, salah2 yang ada kamu kebanyakan kerjaan atau malah kebawa males2an terus.

      Good luck ya! :)

  2. Hi Dinda, I've been a silent reader of your blog. Now that you go full-time freelancing I want to congratulate you cause you seem to decide on a right thing. I'm a fan of your artwork, and I think that you are able to do this, Dind :) Meskipun cuma support dalam bentuk komen, I fully support you, semangaaat! Oh ya and someday I want to be like you, making my hobbies (which are quite similar with yours) as a path to be an entrepreneur. Whooshah, semoga sukses! :D

    1. Ah terima kasiiih, you got me teary with your comment :')
      Semangaaattt semoga bisa sama2 sukses ya, amin! :D


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