Oct 3, 2013

Stretchy Stretch!

Last week I was invited to Uniqlo to try their brand new jeans called Ultra Stretch Jeans (USJ). Before I went to Uniqlo I was a bit worried. I have a pear shaped body, so my lower body is bigger than the upper body. Will the jeans fits me?

Long story short, soon as I arrived at Lotte Shopping Avenue, I saw Uniqlo's large booth for this jeans. You can actually choose the Ultra Stretch Jeans you like (they have lots of colors!), try them on and snap a picture at the booth. Yeap, there will be someone to take your picture, all you need is just standing at the photo booth and follow the model's poses on the screen. The poses were quite tricky but it is a proof that the jeans is veeeerryyy stretch and flexible! I chose the navy one (I can never get enough of navy denim), the shop assistant told me that I might fit into 2 sizes smaller than my usual size. I wasn't convinced yet so I bring 2 sizes, the smaller one and the regular one, to the fitting room. I sneak into the small size first and I was in awe. I fit in the jeans! Ahaha that sounds silly but I really felt that the jeans is hugging my body curve so well that it creates a perfect silhouette. At the same time, the jeans allows you to move like whatever. Love at the first sight, definitely. 

If you want to test your flexibility the jeans before you buy it, simply go to Lotte Shopping Avenue and grab a pair of this Ultra Stretch Denim. Not only try the jeans, you can have your picture printed and have a lucky draw. I got a Rp 50K voucher from the lucky draw, if you're lucky enough you can get a free USJ. The Uniqlo booth will be there waiting for you until this Sunday (Oct 6th). 

I'm wearing Curious shirt (Tomomi) and Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans in navy blue

Check out these people who already try the USJ in here. And if you want to know more about this stretch jeans, go to this page.

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