Oct 16, 2013

Pinkish White

Last month I had a quick project with Pond's for their new White Beauty. The PR manager, who is my former client back in 2010, who is also the owner of alex[a]lexa, asked me to draw for Pond's New White Beauty press launch and of course I immediately said yes. The brief was simple, to draw the packagings and put the new ingredients (Korean ginseng and saffron) within the elements. I had so many space to explore everything in the artworks, I love working with them! Fyi I'm currently trying their day cream and night cream. For the day cream, I love the matte look it creates and stays for more than 5 hours. Unlike my regular moisturizer that goes oily in 3 hours. Oh I should do a review on that. Meanwhile, here are my artworks that represent the variants of Pond's New White Beauty.


  1. suka yang paling atas dan paling bawah, awesome :)

    1. yang paling atas juga favorit akuuu hihi makasi yaaa :)

  2. ahhh ternyata yang gambar dirimuuuuuuuu >.< suka bangett waktu lihat launching Ponds ada gambar2 ini, kerenn keren keren ^^


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